What is Human Development Index ?

What is Human Development Index (HDI)?   The Human Development Index is an annual report released by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) based on standards of life expectancy, education, and income.  The HDI report was first released in 1990. Since then, this report is being published every year. The latest report was released on … Read more

Know about [Government Schemes in India]

Government Schemes in India:-   The country which got Independence in 1947 and effected the Constitution in 1950, still has some major Poverty and Unemployment issues in its country.    So our country had introduced many government schemes in India for the Alleviation of Poverty and Unemployment and to Increase Education literacy in India. Following are … Read more

Results of Five Year Plans in India Goals and achievements in 2021

Five-year plans in India:- Today we will discuss one of the main topics of Economics and History i.e “Five Year Plans in India Goals and Achievements.    Here we will discuss Facts, Goals, achievements, and Statistics about every Plan thoroughly.   Planning is a key factor in each and every country for the Development of … Read more

Inflation rate in India

Inflation rate in India:- Today we will discuss the main topic of Economics which is useful for UPSC and Govt Exams’ point of view “Inflation rate in India”.  Definition of Inflation:- A sustained increase in the general price level or decrease in the purchasing power of currency is called ‘Inflation‘.Also, we can explain it in … Read more

POVERTY in India Short Documentary

Poverty in India Documentary:- India as a vast and diversified country who was, once under British Rule which was totally destroyed by them Economically, had developed a lot in the last 70 years as compared to other countries who got freedom in the late 1950s. But still, here one problem that always arises is Poverty … Read more