Human life disturbed? Know Effects of Cyclone

What is Cyclone ?

  • Cyclone is basically type of natural calamity. Cyclone are the violent storms that are accompanied by rain, thunder and lighting.
  • A cyclone is capable of disturbing normal life with the severe destruction to a place of occurrence and around as well.😩
  • Cyclone is an strong and rotating wind which also associated with rains originated at water body.
  • Cyclone defers from place to place eg.In South Pacific Asia (Indian Ocean) this type of calamity is called as cyclone whereas in North America carribbean it is called as Hurricane and in South east Asia it is called as Typhoon
  • In Northern hemisphere it is kown as hurricane whereas in southern hemisphere it is called as cyclone. Cyclone moves in clock wise direction wherein hurricane and typhoon moves in anti clockwise.


How cyclone are formed


  • Density of air defers From place to place, atmospheric pressure acts against the surface of earth along with gravity. 


Atmospheric pressure is more on earth surface as we move upwards the atmospheric pressure decrease.😱😱


  • When there is low atmospheric pressure on large water body on earth surface with low atmospheric pressure the warm air rises to fill the gaps and cold air goes down as they have moisture in it warm air as it reaches the place and rises rapidly creating more gap. 


  • Then the surrounding air rushes to fill the gaps and this fillng air travels with greater speed with longer distances and they starts moving in spiral and when large amount of air start joining the spiral which leads to cyclone. 


Thus this leads to formation of Cyclone. Where formation is concerned depending upon the speed of storm cyclone also defers in three type eg: 


1) Tropical cyclone which carries speed less then (74 miles per hour).


2) Severe cyclone which carries the speed of around (75–120 miles per hour).


3) Super cyclone which carries more then (120 miles per hour) 😕😕


Effects of Cyclone


5 Effects of cyclone


Effects of any natural calamities are hazardous and dangerous only mostly the destruction occurs in coastal areas where there is huge loss of forest canopy.


And also as cyclone Carries strong wind which can destroy the small village and also an area with 25 KM around. As cyclone Mostly carries storms, torrential rain,and strong wind so firstly is it effect the coastal areas.


1) Redistribution of sand: As cyclone Carries strong wind which leads to Redistribution of soil,sand which leads to Redistribution of agriculture soil as well and also which leads to unproductivity of land and which can decrease the fertility of land.


2) Rise in sea level: Cyclone also leads to rise in sea level which leads to tremendous loss of livelihood around coastal areas including other place and also it leads to overflow of sea water which is hazardous for the aquatic plants and animals in water bodies.🔝🔝


3) Collapses of building and trees: Cyclone also leads to destruction of trees and with tree there is also Collapse of electrical wires which leads to cutoff of lights and as destruction of trees means a huge loss as it kown that one tree is equal to 25 tons of oxygen.


 Also if there will be collapse of any government office and also if there will be any destroy of educational institutions📚📚 this leads to be dangerous  for students and also can leads to destroy of government office and destroy many official documents.


4) Migration of people:As everyone is aware after destruction people will search for there livelihood which will leads to the migration of people from affected area to unaffected area and this will leads to increase in population and many others social issues and which will also impact on local people and local infrastructure.


5) Loss of biodiversity : This is one of the important issue which will be seen after the tremendous cyclone the huge loss of biodiversity as biosphere include everything so this will effect to all the relevant loss.


Impact of cyclone on human life


Loss of life: Cyclone as an huge impact on human life as one of the huge impact is loss of life and also there is loss of employment and loss of livelihood after calamities there are huge migration from the affected area to unaffected area.😥😥


Spread of infectious disease: Cyclone also leads to spread of infectious diseases accross the affected and unaffected area both.


Due to migration there use to be more pressure on the unaffected area and also due to lack of facilities availability it also leads to unhygienic practice.




Impact of cyclone environment


Cyclone has an huge impact on environment as cyclone is associated with strong wind will leads to destruction of ecosystem and also there is huge loss of animals including the endangered species the animals get killed and also it affects the existing vegatation in the environment.


Short case study on cyclone


  • There was an tremendous destruction occurred on March 2019 at the coast of Mozambique in that area the storm intensified the cyclone. 


  • This leads to huge loss of livelihood of hundreds of people also loss of life and this storm also create devastation.


Cyclone prone area in india


India is highly vulnerable to natural hazards like cyclones.According to the investigation total 13 coastal area is cyclone prone and even union territory.


State like tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh,west bengal, Odisha and Puducherry are cyclone prone area.👎👎


 Effects of cyclone on agriculture


  • Where agriculture is concerned cyclone has an direct impact on all the components of agriculture sector through direct damage by high speed rain, torrential rain,and extensive flooding


  • As high speed rain can bring saline water and sand along with them which can make mass feild unsustainable for agriculture.


  •  And also if the crops are ready for harvesting at that time if this calamity occurred at that time there will be huge loss of crops and this willl leads to economic of our country the GDP contribution will suffer.


Effects of cyclone on building


As it is already kown that cyclone is associated with components like high wind speed and with also heavy rain for long duration which leads to damage of building’s and also the building contents are spoiled due to rain where roofing sheets can get fly off and also it is directly related to the electricity which is under great risk. 


Effects of cyclone fani


The effects of cyclone fani in India were extensive and cyclone fani was the strongest cyclone in the Bay of Bengal during 2019 North Indian Ocean cyclone season,and the strongest cyclon ever hits the state of Odisha. This leads to Severe loss of life’s and property.

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