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Short description about [Lakes in India]

Lakes in India    A Lake derived from the Latin word ‘lacus‘ means, a large body of water within a body of land. Lakes are different from both Rivers and seas.    Lakes do not flow like rivers, although many rivers flowing into or out of lakes. India is considered a diverse culture in terms … Read more

Important Case Study on [Types of Forest in India]

Types of forest in India:-  Forests are an important vital part of everyone life as it provides many resources to us, which we used from thousands of years freely.   It has become part of humans life. So today we will discuss the main topic of Geography i.e “Types of forest in India“. India has … Read more

List of [Rivers in India] with Origin, Tributaries, Basin, Length

List of rivers in India Rivers play an important role in human life for agriculture and basic human needs.    Today we will discuss one of the main topic of Geography i.e List of rivers in India. India, the most diversified country in the world has more than 20 major rivers on its land. Play … Read more