Short Note on [Formation of Congress]

Formation of Congress:- 


One of the World’s Oldest Political Party ‘Indian National Congress‘ was founded by British Loyal officer Allan Octavian Hume on 28 Dec 1885 in Bombay at Gokuldas Tejpal Collage. So today in this article we will thoroughly learn about “Formation of Congress“.


Reasons for Formation of Congress:-

● To bring educated Indians together for Law-Making.✌✌
● To spread awareness about Nationalism among Indians which was started since 1857.
● It was a direct way to talk with British Official.


Before the Formation of Congress, there were many other organizations formed to fight Britishers and combined Indians since the 1850s, they were the British Indian Association of 1851, the Bombay and Madras Association of 1852, Native Association in 1852.

Formation of congress



This organization successfully created an environment among Indians for Freedom Struggle but in the way of Non – Violence which later turned into a Political Organization known as the Indian National Congress.

The birth of the Indian National Congress helped Indians being radicalized due to Imperialism and Communism by Britishers daily. They use to collect heavy taxes, interference in agriculture.

So to stop this Congress demanded a simple movement known as the ‘Swadeshi Movement‘ to stop Indians being radicalized and helped them earn more.

There were basically two periods in Congress, 1st was Moderate (1885 -1905) and 2nd was Extremists (1905 -1920).?

The first few year’s leadership of Congress was done by Subramania Iyer, Dadabhai Naoroji, Pherozshah Mehta, W.C.Banerjee, Dinesh Chandra Dutt, Badruddin Tyabji.

This article will basically give you all information about Indian National Congress sessions and Its History held from 1885 to 1947. Here I will tell you about the important historical sessions, the president of that time, decisions taken, place of sessions.


So let’s discuss this one by one:- 


1) 1885:-

This was the 1st session of the Party as the party was formed with 72 delegates present. President of the Session was W.C.Banerjeee, who was the first president of the Indian National Congress. This session was held in Bombay.


2) 1886:-

In this session, INC started spreading its root in India and joined more Indians in the organization. Dadabhai Naroji was president while it was held in Calcutta. This session took place with the presence of 436 delegates. Indian National Conference later merged in 1886 with INC.


3) 1887:- 

It was held in Madras while Syed Badruddin Tyabji was President of Session. He was 1st Muslim of the Indian National Congress. In this session, Muslims were requested and appealed to join the Party.


Formation of Congress


4) 1888:-

It was held in Allahabad while George Yule was president of Session. He was 1st English President of the Party.

5) 1890:-

It was headed by Feroz Shah Mehta and was held again in Bombay.

6) 1892:-

It was headed by W.C.Banerjee again and held in Allahabad.

7) 1893:-

It was headed by Dadabhai Naoroji and was held in Lahore (Today’s Pakistan)

8) 1896:-

It was headed by President Rahimtullah Sayani in Calcutta whereas National Song Vande Mataram was sung 1st time by Rabindranath Tagore.

9) 1899:-

It was headed by Romesh Chandra Dutt in Lucknow where Permanent Fixation of Land Revenue demand was taken.

10) 1901:-

It was headed by President Dinshaw E. Wacha in Calcutta. In this session 1st time Gandhiji appeared on the Platform of Congress.

11) 1905:-

This session was held in Benaras where President was Gopal Krishna Gokhale. He is also known as the guru of Gandhiji. Bengal Partition took place this year while in this session Proclamation of Swadeshi Movement was done.

12) 1906:- 

This session was held in Calcutta where Dadabhai Naroji was president again. “Swaraj” term was 1st time user here. It had four terms National Education, Boycott Movement, Swadeshi, and Self Government.


13) 1907:-

It was held in Surat where the president was Rash Bihari Ghosh. Two important things that took place 1st was a Split in Congress were many other congress leaders adopted Extremist ideology.

14) 1909:- 

It was held in Lahore where the president was Madan Mohan Malayia and Morley – Minto Act was introduced this year which gave separate electorates to Muslims.

15) 1911:-

It was held in Calcutta where the president was B.N.Dhar and 1st time Jana Gana Mana was sung.

16) 1916:-

It was held in Lucknow where the president was A.C.Majumdar. Lucknow Pact was signed in this session. Unity between Moderates and Extremists.

17) 1917:-

It was held in Calcutta were Annie Besant was its president. She was 1st president of the Indian National Congress.

18) 1919:-

It was held in Amritsar,  were the president was Motilal Nehru. Congress gave support to the Khilafat Movement. The same year Jallianwala Bagh took place.

19) 1921:-

It was held in Ahmedabad, were president was C.R.Das later went to jail and the acting President was Hakim Khan. Later in Jan 1922 Swaraj Party was formed.

20) 1924:-

This session was held in Belgao,  were the president was Mahatma Gandhi.

21) 1928:-

This session was held in Calcutta, were the president was Motilal Nehru and the All India Youth Congress was formed.

22) 1929:-

This session was held in  Lahore,  were the president was Jawaharlal Nehru. Poorna Swaraj Resolution was passed here. Also the Civil Disobedience Movement too.

23) 1931:-

This session was held in Karachi, were Vallabhbhai Patel was President. The resolution was passed for Fundamental Rights. Gandhiji was nominated for Round Table Conference and Gandhi Irwin Pact took place this year.

24) 1938:-

This session was held in Haripura, were Subhash Chandra Bose was President. For Planning purposes, National Planning Committee was formed under Jawaharlal Nehru.

25) 1946:-

This session was held in Meerut were President was J.B.Kripalani, also he was president while the time of Independence.
This was the last session before Independence. ?

This all 25 sessions were important in History which led somewhere India to Freedom and today we are living in Independent Country.
Subhash Chandra Bose INA also has a big role in Independence.

The formation of Congress was the best decision where every citizen united under a roof, No one was Hindu Muslim any caste or language. ?



In this article we studied Formation of Congress, Important Historical sessions of Indian National Congress, How many movements took place to together the Indians, Splits in Indian in the name of Ideology but later on, we got Independence on 15 Aug 1947. Today we have the best Constitution in India where we can live a secular socialist sovereign life.


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