Biography of Sensational Khan Sir from Bihar – 2021

khan sir

Khan Sir We had seen many teachers who teach but there are only a few who make a place in student’s hearts. Their teaching style is such Unique that students there never fail to understand topics. Today we will discuss the biography of such a teacher who had become sensational on Internet Today.   Khan … Read more

Public Private Partnership in India – Enthusiastic 5 Types

public private partnership in india

Public Private Partnership in India   Introduction of PPP Model   A public-private partnership or PPP is a collaboration or a contract between a Government agency and a Private entity. A Public-Private Partnership involves financing, constructing, and managing a project in return for a promised stream of payments directly from the governments and indirectly from … Read more

Bravery Female Freedom Fighters of India – 1947

Female Freedom Fighters of India

Female Freedom fighters of India   Introduction: India got its freedom from British Empire on 15 August 1947. The history of the Indian struggle would be incomplete without mentioning the contributions of women. So today we will discuss a list of female freedom fighters of India.♥ Many of us don’t know that there were hundreds … Read more

Human life disturbed? Know Effects of Cyclone

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What is Cyclone ? Cyclone is basically type of natural calamity. Cyclone are the violent storms that are accompanied by rain, thunder and lighting. A cyclone is capable of disturbing normal life with the severe destruction to a place of occurrence and around as well.😩 Cyclone is an strong and rotating wind which also associated … Read more

Special Guide on Elephant reserves in India 2021 – Save Elephants

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Elephant reserves in India   Introduction   Elephants are the largest mammal on the earth. They have massive bodies, large ears, and long trunks. They’re intelligent and family-oriented with great memories.🐘🐘🐘  They are an extremely popular tourist attraction in many countries.  Primarily, Three species of elephants are recognized;  the Asian elephants, the African bush elephants, … Read more