History of Taxation in India

History of Taxation in India Tax payment is mandatory for every citizen of the country. There are two types of tax in India i.e. direct and indirect. Taxation in India is rooted in the period of Manu Smriti and Arthasastra. The present Indian tax system is based on this ancient tax system which was based … Read more

Ultimate Guide on Education Commission in India 1947 to 2021

Education commission in India

Education Commission in India Education Commission in India was formed on July 14, 1964, under the chairmanship of Daulat Singh Kothari. The commission was popularly known as Kothari Commission. The purpose of this Commission was to examine all the aspects of the educational institutions in India and generate guidelines and policies for the development of … Read more

Public Private Partnership in India – Enthusiastic 5 Types

public private partnership in india

Public Private Partnership in India   Introduction of PPP Model   A public-private partnership or PPP is a collaboration or a contract between a Government agency and a Private entity. A Public-Private Partnership involves financing, constructing, and managing a project in return for a promised stream of payments directly from the governments and indirectly from … Read more

Did you Know? New [5/25 scheme of RBI]

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 5/25 scheme of RBI   What is the 5/25 scheme?   1) It is a scheme introduced by RBI to enable banks to provide a longer repayment period to companies facing financial issues. 2) It allows banks to extend long-term loans of 20-25 years to match the cash flow of projects every 5-7 years. 3) … Read more