How Modi Govt will double Farmers income: [Dalwai Committee]

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DALWAI COMMITTEE   Introduction of Dalwai committee The government had promised to double the farmer’s income in the center budget 2016-17 & achieved by 2022. For achieving the target of doubling the income of farmers by 2022, this committee was formed with 8 members under the head of Shri Ashok Dalwai, CEO of Rainfed Area … Read more

India became rich after [Evolution of Banking in India]

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Evolution of Banking in India:??   Banks play a vital role in our daily life. It is the best investment platform for every person. 82 % of Indians directly or indirectly are involved in Indian Banking System. Have you ever thought about where it started?   So today we will discuss what is the bank? … Read more

Short Note on Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India Tags: reserve bank of India, rbi act 1934, rbi rank, rbi act, rbi act 1934, about rbi bank, rbi India, rbi, rbi recent news, functions of rbi, rbi news Reserve bank of India started its operations in April 1935 with a share capital of 5 cr. Shares were divided into 100 … Read more

The Ultimate Revelation Of National Income Of India

First Advance Estimates of National Income of India for the Financial Year 2019-20   The National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation has released the first advance estimates of India’s national income for the current financial year both at constant prices (2011-12) and current prices. The main points related to … Read more

What is Money market

What is money market?   The money market is a part of the finance-related system, where the finance-related amounts are traded. That is a place where we can buy or sell anything by finance or by any other form of finance. Let us know other important facts about Money Market – What is Money Market … Read more