Secret behind Why Modi is Winning majority elections since 2012

Why Modi is Winning? If we go through the data of elections since 2012 only whether it is Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha, we will find that BJP has won more elections rather than Congress. So here the question arises Why Modi is Winning? After my deep study about Indian Politics, I have found 5 … Read more

Dastane vs Dastane: Controversial Case which changed Indian Society: 1975

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Dastane vs Dastane Case   The Supreme Court held, “The Court has to deal, not with an ideal husband and an ideal wife but with a particular man and woman before it. The ideal couple or a near-ideal one will probably have no occasion to go to a matrimonial court. Even if they may not … Read more

Historical overview on all [Prime Ministers of India]

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 All Prime Ministers of India                       India is the world’s largest parliamentary democracy. In the system, the office of the PM is the most important office. The office represents the voice of the people of a democracy.     This article will shed light on the … Read more

Shocking Latest [Interesting facts about Indian Constitution] 20 Points

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Interesting facts about Indian Constitution:-   We got freedom on the 15th of August 1947. But the need for a constitution started in 1934.   So, in 1946 constituent assembly was adopted. Its main function was to create the Constitution of India. So today we will discuss some interesting facts about Indian Constitution.   The … Read more


Federal Structure of India     Let’s START.   There are two types of systems Unitary and Federal. There are about 190 countries in the world. Every country has either Federalism or Unitary. Today we will discuss the Federal Structure of India.     Open Free Demat Account   Let’s discuss these unitary terms here:- … Read more