Biography of Sensational Khan Sir from Bihar – 2021

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Khan Sir We had seen many teachers who teach but there are only a few who make a place in student’s hearts. Their teaching style is such Unique that students there never fail to understand topics. Today we will discuss the biography of such a teacher who had become sensational on Internet Today.   Khan … Read more

Will there be [Covid 3rd wave] in India?

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Covid 3rd wave As a citizen of India, you might know what is the current situation of Covid in India. If we go through data of last week, on average more than 2.5 lakh patients and 1800 deaths are happening every day. Covid’s 2nd wave is rapidly increasing in India with less oxygen and vaccines … Read more

Ultimate Guide on How to Start UPSC Preparation

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Mostly asked a question while preparing for UPSC is How to start preparation?


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If you have more than 1 year for preparation then follow this Format. Let’s discuss How to start UPSC Preparation? Even students with less than 1 year can follow this but believe me you will need more hard work.


How to focus on your studies without getting distracted?


1) Start with Ncert 6th std and read till 12th std of social science.

2) Read 2 times Ncert textbooks properly. Only NCERT will cover 50 % of the syllabus and make your base clear. It will boost your confidence.

3) Now go for UPSC standard books and read them once and most important, highlight main points.


How to Start UPSC Preparation

Below is the list of UPSC Standard books:-

Ancient History:- R.S.Sharma
Medival History:- Satish Chandra
Modern History:- Spectrum by Bipin Chandra
Geography :- Majid Hussain / G.C.leone
Indian Polity :- M.Laxmikant
Indian Economy:- Ramesh Singh & Dutt.Sundaram
Science:- Lucent & Sachin Bhaske
Aptitude:- Agarwal
  • Often students ask how to start for IAS. Believe me, this is the best way.

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Short Note on February weekly current affairs

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February weekly current affairs (1- 7 Feb) 1 February 2021  1. When Martyr’s day is celebrated? 30 January   2. Indian Coast guard Day is celebrated on which day? 1 February  3. Lowy the institute Australia Released which Report related to Covid? Covid performance Report  No.1 position is held by New Zealand  4. Which Company … Read more

Know 24 Jan- 31 Jan weekly current affairs

Current Affairs 24-31 January  24 January  1. Which state amended its bill to appoint a retired judge as Lokayukta? Goa  2. The ministry of commerce and industry is to partner with which ministry for the fastest movement of goods? Ministry of housing and urban  3. Which organization releases a book on”faecal Sludge and septage Management … Read more