Important Full Forms:

BRD: Business Requirements Documents
DDL: Data Definition Language
DML: Data Manipulation Language
DQL: Data Query Language
SQL: Structure Query Language
EOD: End of Day
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
PFA: Please Find Attachment
PFB: Please Find Below
NDA: Non – Disclosure Agreement
SRS: Software Requirements Service
RM: Resources Management
VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Biggest Confusion among New Power BI Developers is that.

Misunderstanding πŸ‘‡

Every Project duration is 1.5 to 2 Years ❌

Every Project has Data in Millions and Billions ❌

Every Project has a Team of 8-10 Employees ❌

SQL is the only database to fetch data ❌

You need to talk with the Client Everyday ❌

Truth πŸ‘‡

Even Projects are of just 1-2 Months also βœ…

Basic Reports have just 1000-2000 rows too βœ…

Also, You work as an Individual contributor on Project βœ…

We work on SharePoint, Azure, and Snowflake also to fetch data βœ…

Depends on requirements gathering on client discussion βœ…

This is all I am telling from my Personal Experience 😊

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