My Class Teacher Essay – Essay For Students In 2023

In this blog post, I will go to share with you my class teacher essay for both college-going students and class 7th and class 8th students, which helps you to write in your examination or homework.

As you know, teachers play an essential role in our education system. Without a teacher, our education system is empty, like without breathing the human body.

Successful people always follow their teacher’s guidelines. Because teachers are God for us, and it’s our priority to follow their every piece of advice.

My name is Vinayak Kadam from Maharashtra. Without taking a single second, let’s start our blog post.

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My Class Teacher Essay (500 Words)

My Class Teacher Essay

A teacher is a mentor and a guide for every student. Because they teach us to find our goal and teach to how we can archive our goal. A school contains 12th different classes, and each class contains a class teacher who handles the class.

When I studied in the 10th class, my class teacher’s name was Mr Subhash Mehta, who was a very kind and innocent teacher. All the class students loved them too much because of their kindness and their behaviour. He also teaches us in their own style.

He uses the internet, photos, images, computer and other modern tools to teach us so that we can understand the chapter better. Our class teacher is teaching us Geography subject. And it was my favourite subject because of our class teacher.

Her teaching style was very impressive and unique. He used four different kinds of coloured pens to highlight the important lines. So that we can understand the meaning of these lines, basically, he is trying to teach every student by their own technique so that all of the students don’t have any doubts regarding that topic.

Our class teacher finished their M.A. graduation. Here M.A. means Master In Arts. He has more than 25 years plus experience in our school and all of the students love them too much. Because they gave respect to everyone and it is their speciality. All of the teachers also loved them too much. Their teaching style impressed all of the teachers.

My class teacher’s house is near my house at a distance of 3 K.M. from my house. Whenever I got any doubt regarding Geography subject, I got to their house using my cycle and cleared all my doubts. He always wanted to teach us. He always said that if you have any doubts regarding anything must discuss it with them. They also share their personal number with us to clarify every doubt.

My class teacher not only taught us geography subjects but also they teaching mathematics and English to class 7th and class 9th students. Because he is a multi-talented teacher in our school. Also, our class teachers have many fan followers on their social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, linked in etc.

Our class teacher also has a YouTube channel too. There they upload Geography, Mathematics and English-related chapters. Also, they create a live Q.N.A. section to solve all of the doubts regarding their chapters.

Now I miss all these teaching styles, all these guidelines which our class teacher share with us. When I leave the school, all of our class students are crying because we don’t want to leave the school. But it is necessary to leave the school for higher studies.

Recently I met with my class teacher and shared all of my emotions and experience with them. My teacher was very happy, listened to all my emotions and understood them. Also, he gave me many guidelines regarding my career. I was very thankful to my class teacher for giving me such beautiful lesions.

Seriously if you follow your teacher’s guidelines, then no one can stop you from archiving success in your life. Seriously our class teacher is such a beautiful, innocent and helpful person I ever meet in my whole life. I again go back to my 9th class.

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My Class Teacher Essay In English For Class 7 (10 Lines Short Essay) 

  1. When I am studying in class 9th, my class teacher’s name is Mr Subhash Mehta, who is a very popular teacher in our entire area.
  2. He not only teaches us Geography subjects but also he teaching mathematics and English subjects to both 7th and 8th-class students.
  3. He is a very innocent, kind and helpful person. He helped all of the students every time.
  4. He has their own unique teaching style. Because of their own unique teaching style, all students understand the chapter better.
  5. He used lots of images, videos, graphics, and other modern technology tools to teach us so that we would understand the chapter bitterly.
  6. He will use four different kinds of coloured pens to highlight the meaning of different lines.
  7. My class teacher’s house is nearest my house with a distance of 3 K.M.
  8. My class teacher’s height is 5.5 feet, and my weight is 68 Kilograms.
  9. He looks very handsome, and her fashion sense is amazing.
  10. I miss my class teacher too much. Also, I miss their teaching style.

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My class teacher’s Paragraph (100 Words)

Teacher is the most powerful weapon in our education system. Without teachers, our education system is fully valueless, and it doesn’t have any value. When I was in 5th class, my class teacher’s name was Miss Neha Yadav. She is a very beautiful and innocent person, and she also has an attractive personality.

He teaches us mathematics subject in class 5th. His attractive and unique teaching style makes the mathematics problem so easy. Our class teacher has long hair and a good fashion style. He also teaches M.I.L. and English subjects to other class students. He joined our school in the 2016 year.

It is a short 100 words essay for both school and college-going students, which you can write in your examination.

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How can you write about your class teacher?

Answer- If you want to write about your class teacher, then first of all collect information about your class teacher. After collecting all information about your class teacher, you will be able to write about your class teacher.

How do you explain a teacher?

Answer- There are lots of methods available to explain to a teacher. You will explain their education, and you will explain their family, you will explain their personality, you will explain their character, you will explain their teaching style, you will explain their good qualities and many more.

What is the full form of TEACHER? 

Answer- Basically, the teacher stands for Talented- Educated-Adorable-Charming-Helpful-Encouraging-Responsible.

What are the best lines on Teachers’ Day?

Answer- The best-of-line teachers’ day is- Teachers are a powerful weapon for our education system, which we will use to target our goal. It means teachers are giving us the best advice, which helps us to archive our goals in our life if we follow them properly.

What is the importance of teaching?

Answer- A teacher is the most powerful weapon in our education system. Because teacher plays an essential role in our whole education system.


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