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Short Note on Making of Indian Constitution

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When did the process of making of Indian Constitution begin?


It was in 1934 when the blueprint of a Constituent Assembly for India was brought for the first time by Legendary MNRoy. He was the Communist leader in India, an advocate for radical democratism, So let’s discuss a Short note on the making of Indian Constitution.


Background of Indian Constitution:Acts brought by Britishers 


1)Regulating Act of 1773

2)Pitts India Act 1784

3)Charter Act of 1833

4)Charter Act of 1853

6)Indian Council Act of 1891

7)Morley- Minto 1909

8)Montagu -Chelmsford 1919

9)Govt Act 1935

10)Independence act 1947


Later on, People got aggressive due to freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh & team and opposed the idea of Dominion status which led INC to demand the Purna swaraj & Constitution.


In 1935,  for the first time, that times’ National party i.e INC ( Indian National Congress) officially demanded a Constituent Assembly to make the Constitution of India.


Short Note on Making of Indian Constitution
Short Note on Making of Indian Constitution

In 1938, Jawaharlal Nehru, on behalf of the INC declared that ‘the Constitution of free India must be made, with¬out foreigners.

It should be made by the Constituent Assembly elected on the basis of the adult franchise’ which led the British to think over it.


This demand was then accepted by the British Government also known as the’ August Offer’ of 1940.


The total Strength of the const Assembly was 389 out of these 296 seats allotted to British India & 93 seats to princely states.

There was 1 seat for 1 million population later after partition strength came down to 299 against 389.

In 1942, Sir Stafford Cripps, a member of the cabinet Mission, came to India with a Blueprint proposal of the British Government on the framing of an independent Constitution to be made after World War II.

The Cripps Proposals were rejected by the Muslim League which wanted India to be divided into two autonomous states with two separate Constituent Assemblies. Finally, a Cabinet Mission was sent to India.

While it straightforwardly rejected the idea of two Constituent Assemblies, it put forth an idea for the Constituent Assembly which less satisfied the Muslim League.

It was under the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946 that the Constituent Assembly was constituted to frame a Constitution for India: About more than 60 countries const was read to make ours.

Temporary presidents were Dr.Sachchidananda Sinha and Permamanet President Dr.Rajendra Prasad with 2 vice presidents name H.C.Mukherjee & V.T.Krishnamachri.

Persons involved in making of Indian Constitution:-

All members of the draft committees were B.R.Ambedkar, Alladhi Iyer, Gopala Swamy, K.M.Munshi, B.L.Mitter, D.P.Shaitan, and Mohammad Sadulla.

Who firstly signed Indian Constitution?

There was a total of 284 members who signed the constitution. In which first was India’s PM Jawaharlal Nehru and last was his son in Law Feroz Gandhi.
1st women to signed Indian Constitution?
Dakshayani Velayudhan was the woman to sign the Indian Constitution. She was also a member of nine-member women for the Constitution assemble Of India. 
What were the difficulties faced while Making of Indian constitution?
There were many major and minor problems faced while making of Indian constitution. One of those was about the Draft Committee.
There were about 7 members allocated to the Draft Committee. But all others could not give full time for making it due to personal reasons. 
But it was B.R.Ambedkar who took whole responsibility for him and made the whole Draft Committee. So he is referred to as the Father of the Indian Constitution.

Main recommendation

National Song:-24 Jan 1950
National Flag:-22 July 1947
National Anthem:- 24 Jan 1950
Secretary:- H.V.R Iyengar
Calligraphy:-Prem Behari Narain Raizada.


Total 3 Reading took Place

1)Nov 4, 1948
2)Nov 15 1948 – Oct 17 1949
3)Nov 14, 1949

Const was adopted on Nov 26, 1949, with 395 Articles & 8 Schedules and a preamble. The drafting committee was made on 29 Aug 1947 which consists of a total of 7 members. Its work was completed with just a short span of 141 days.


Total Duration:- 2 years, 11 months, 18 days

Total Cost:- 64 lakh.

Also, Indian Const was criticized for a copy of the Govt act 1935, Lawyer politician Domination, Domination by Hindus, Long span, and many more.

A total of 7653 amendments were proposed in the 2nd reading and 2473 were discussed.

What factors have contributed to the making of the Indian Constitution?
There were many but the current reason was the Britishers who totally destroyed us and looted us. also, ongoing casteism, religious conflict, language wars made us make the constitution.

Also for making policies, budgets, and economic surveys constitution is needed. It helps in making all major decisions. 

Did you Know?

James Madison is referred to as the father of Consitution in the World. 

Sources of Indian Constitution:-

We had made our constitution by referring to more than 60 countries. Also, we took some good things from the constitution of countries like the USA, Japan, UK, Australia.  



Here we discussed Short Note on Making of Indian Constitution, How committees were formed, how many readings took place, and amendments made.
PDF about Important articles in Indian Constitution: ???
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  1. Who is Father of Indian Constitution?
    1.   Jawaharlal Nehru
    2.   B.R.Ambedkar
    3.   C.D.Deshmukh
    4.   Sardar Patel
  2. Constitution of India was adopted on?
    1.   26th Jan 1949
    2.   26th Nov 1950
    3.   26th Jan 1950
    4.   26th Nov 1949
  3. Fundamental Rights are included in Part?
    1.   Part 3
    2.   Part 1
    3.   Part 2
    4.   Part 4

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