How Modi Govt will double Farmers income: [Dalwai Committee]



Introduction of Dalwai committee

The government had promised to double the farmer’s income in the center budget 2016-17 & achieved by 2022. For achieving the target of doubling the income of farmers by 2022, this committee was formed with 8 members under the head of Shri Ashok Dalwai, CEO of Rainfed Area Authority. 


Dalwai committee presented a report to consider the major reforms in the agriculture sector to achieve the doubling of farmer’s income by 2022. ✌✌✌


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This committee is responsible for coordination between states, institutions, organizations, and ministers to implementation in the field. The last data of sample survey in 2012-13 has been taken as the base figure for the year of 2015-16.


Who is Dr.Ashok Dalwai?

Ashok dalwai, CEO of, Dalwai committee (farmer’s income doubling committee) represented a report on farmer’s doubling income by 2022.


He is IAS of batch 1984 serve by his services to Karnataka and Odisha, presently serving as CEO of National Rainfed Area Authority. Dr. Ashok Dalwai is a student of Agricultural science & won awards. The first textile policy of Karnataka state,2003 has also given by Dr.dalwai.??


What is Doubling Farmers Income?

When dalwai committee reports & suggestion came out, suggested reforms, measurement & strategies that need to achieve the goal of DFI. 


It was the biggest challenge, how would be reformed in the agricultural field completed & how the goal of “farmer’s doubling income “ would be accomplished but DFI committee report has been accepted by the government.??


The government agreed to work on dalwai committee model & work has begun. DFI mainly focuses on increasing the total output from foodgrains ( farmer’s higher productivity ), cost-effectiveness, and last is remunerative prices to farmers.


Report and recommendations of Ashok Dalwai Committee

The report of dalwai committee suggested that to achieve the target in the agriculture sector, there is a need for 10.4% income growth & said that annual growth rate during 2016 to 2022 private investment required is 12.5%.comiittee has suggested center & states take steps for achieving higher shares in farm sectors (income).


The committee focuses on major sources of farmers’ income & recommended measures to fulfill the target they are-?✔

1) Promote large scale institutional credit to farmers

2) Increasing varieties in agricultural products & productivity for export increase.

2) Using an economic model to meet the investment needs in irrigation, rural energy, and agriculture & reduce the cost of production.

4) Reforming of farmer’s group and rural producer and better infrastructure.

5) Privatization of farmer’s market & logistics??

6) Developing a national agricultural market & putting the agricultural market from the state list to the concurrent list.

7) To introduce of agricultural produce & livestock act and establish a separate secretariat for doubling farmer’s income.


In the last 4 years, many reforms have been done likewise Farmers credit was 8.2 lakh crore in 2014-15 & now it grew up to 11.2 crores & PM fasal bima yojana is a risk management tool for farmer’s uncertainty government and the committee is doing very well in favor of farmers income.



Farmers Organization in India

in this direction, the government has taken the initiative to double the farmer’s income & formed a dalwai committee to review the major possibilities & sources to increase income in the agriculture sector. 


There are more than 50 farmer organizations are working for farmers’ welfare .eg- Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, Bharatiya Kisan Union,samyukt Kisan Morcha, Kerala farmer federation, Kisan swaraj Sangathan, Karnataka Rajya raitha Sangathan. 


Some organization work on the state level and some is at the central level but the purpose of both the organization is to solve the problems & issues of farmers and to promotes their income.


Many initiatives have been taken by farmers organizations & governments also but these were either for their state’s farmers or for the farmers of their district. 


The works of farmers’ organizations could not work for the benefit of the farmers of the whole country but the DFI targeted the whole country’s farmer’s income.


dalwai committee



Agricultural Survey in India

A number of surveys were conducted to promote and improve the agriculture sector. NSSO is responsible for survey & qualitative implementation in the agriculture sector on the behalf of survey reports.


There are some list of surveys held in India-

1) Improvement of crops statistical scheme (ICS)

2) Crops estimate survey (CES)✌✌✌



Contract Farming

  • In India gradually contact farming becomes famous in farmers. Farmers provide food to the whole nation but it contributes less to GDP so the income from farming also less.
  • Farmers are moving from farming activities and in search of another option of income source.
  • In between the contract farming act introduced by govt of India, it allows private sector entry in the agriculture sector & it is a profitable motive of contractors. 
  • It may be harmful to farmers because they can capture their land, use of land many time without gap & use of fertilizer for increasing productivity may lead to less fertility of the soil but it is beneficial because it generates employment. We can say that it has merit & demerits also.

Contract Farming Act 2020

  • The central government of India passed a farm bill in 2020. Farming act 2020 law, mostly similar to Punjab farming act 2013. 
  • Farmer act links contract price to market price. The farm’s law intended to help small & marginal farmers with their produce & investment in technology to get a better price in the market through competition & cost-cutting of transport. 
  • The law removes cereals, oilseed, pulses, and vegetables from the essential commodities list. The act allows farmers to sell their produce outside of mandi, anywhere, and whoever they want. 
  • The law also allows farmers to contact Agri-based businesses and large retailers. the law will attract foreign direct investment.



FPO/VPO ( Farmer /village producer organization )

The report of dalwai committee facilitates private sector shareholding in agricultural activities up to 26% & sets a minimum target of 7000 FPOs/VPOs where members will be farmers.


FPOs help small, landless, and marginal farmers to deal with issues in their agriculture activities. 86% of Famers are small, marginal, and landless who faces challenges during their agricultural activities and marketing.


To strengthen and reduce the issues of farmers, PM Narendra Modi announces to launch of 10,000 FPOs all over India.




On behalf of the survey, the report govt makes a policy & plan to improve the agriculture sector & govt has taken initiative to promote the agriculture sector and increase export of agricultural products through their new policies & implementation.


According to time, many changes have been made by the govt however farmers have not benefited from those policies and changes as much as they should have. Still, reforms in the agriculture sector are needed to achieve the target of doubling the income of farmers and export promotion of agricultural products.

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