Important Full Forms:

BRD: Business Requirements DocumentsDDL: Data Definition LanguageDML: Data Manipulation LanguageDQL: Data Query LanguageSQL: Structure Query LanguageEOD: End of DayETA: Estimated Time of ArrivalPFA: Please Find AttachmentPFB: Please Find BelowNDA: Non – Disclosure AgreementSRS: Software Requirements ServiceRM: Resources ManagementVDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure The Biggest Confusion among New Power BI Developers is that. Misunderstanding 👇 Every Project … Read more

What do we mean by creating design on data we have in data modeling?

In data modeling, creating a design on the data refers to the process of organizing and structuring data in a way that facilitates efficient and effective access, storage, and analysis of the data. This involves creating a conceptual or logical model of the data that captures the relationships between different data elements and entities. To … Read more

How to make Power BI Report Performance wise better?

Following are ways how you can make your power bi report performance-wise better. Our Power BI Report must be less size as publishing, refreshing, and deployment it will take less time.   Use Measure instead of Calculated Column. Import only tables which are needed from the database. Use Import Mode rather than Direct Query Use … Read more