My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words

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After doing lots of research and spending lots of time finally, we write this essay, especially for you. As you know Books are an excellent source which is helps to gaining knowledge. There are many different types of books available, including study books, entertaining books, self-defence books and many more. 

From my 59 years life journey, I read many kinds of books. Books help me to increase my knowledge and also teach me to archive my destination.

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By reading this article, you will also be able to write my book, my inspiration essay, 1500 words quickly. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into our topic. 

My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words

Book is an essential part of our life. Because books not only help us to gain knowledge but also help us to communicate with each other. There are many types of books available, and every book has its own character stick. 

A perfect book is more costly than money. Reading books on a regular basis is a good habit. Because books help us to enhance our perspective, improve our intelligence, and broaden our sympathies. It also allows us to provide us life journey. 

There are lots of books available that can 100% change your life, including Bhagat Geeta. Bhagat Geeta is a book that teaches people and helps them to archive their goals and destination. 

One of my favourite books is “Mahabharat”. It is one of the most influential books which gives us many lessons. In Mahabharat here, the main character is the five brothers and Draupadi. 

This book helps people to understand the value of relationships because Mahabharat yudh is caused only for bad relations. 

Important Role Of A Book In Our Life 

Now are you think what are the benefits and what is the important role books in our life? Well, there are lots of benefits to having books. 

As I already mentioned that books are a great source of knowledge. Books help us to gain understanding, and they will also allow us to archive our destination. Books are also helpful in gaining knowledge about history, and it also helps to boost our communication skills.

One of the most important roles which books play in our life is they help us to survive in this world. Because there are lots of factors required to maintain, a lifestyle and books are one of them. Books allow you to provide you with knowledge of lifestyle, life problems and how you can solve them, how to make money and more. 

Books also help you to strengthen your relationship. Many books are available which are written by relationship experts to guide you about the relationship. It helps you to provide knowledge through the book on how you can strengthen your relationship, how to build your branding, how to impress someone and what was the meaning of a good relationship and many more. 

Books are an excellent source which helps you to boost your imagination power. If you have any skill, including painting, teaching, art, handy craft etc., then books help you to enhance those skills and provide you best and new ideas so that you will explore your talent. 

Books help you to recover from depression including breakup, failure and many more. There are lots of books already written by world experts writers where they teach you how you can recover from depression, how to handle failure, how to maintain your life, how to archive success, how to ignore problems and many more. 

Books help you to boost your confidence level. For this, you pick the right book from your bookstore. Reading books will be a great exercise to increase your confidence level.

Power Of A book

As I already mentioned that books not only provide us with knowledge but also help to increase our communication skill and helps us to gain knowledge about history.

A book is a potent weapon to change a human being. For example, “Mahabharat” is a type of book which contains a total of 18 parts, and each and every element has full of spiritual and practical Hinduism lessons, which helps to understand the caste and similarity between men and women. 

Books also help to motivate you all the time. Books give you the power and energy to do this. Books are known as the knowledge store. Lord Sri Krishna said that if you read a book for 90 days, then it will totally change your life, and it will provide you with the right direction. 

Favourite Characters In My Favorite Book “Mahabharat”

My Book My Inspiration Essay 1500 Words

My favourite book is “Mahabharat”, which I like most because it helps me to motivate myself and gives me the power to do anything. It also helps me to provide the right direction. 

Arjun- Arjun is one of the most famous and my favourite character in Mahabharat. Arjun is also known as the world’s number 1 archery master, and he gained knowledge from Guru Dronacharya. 

Abhimanyu- Abhimanyu is the son of maata Shubhadra and Arjun. Abhimanyu is a powerful fighter, and he plays a critical role in Mahabharat Yudh. He proved that age is just a number. 

Lord Krishna- Krishna is one of the most motivated characters in Mahabharat. He is known as the mastermind of Mahabharat. Lord Krishna proved that mind power is everything. Because he controlled the whole Mahabharat Yudh using their mind power.

Karn- Karn is also known as the archery master. He is the son of Lord Sun. He is the elder brother of Pandav. He gained archery knowledge from Lord Parshuram. He proved that he could do anything for friendship. 

Yujisthir- Yujisthir is known as the Dharma Raj. Yujisthir never said any fake line in his whole life. That’s why he is called the Dharma Raj. He is the elder son of Pandav. He proved that mindset is everything. 

Intention Of The Mahabharat Book

Mahabharat book is fully contained with Lessons, spiritual power, and similarity between men and women. Basically, Mahabharat includes five main characters, including Arjun, Draupadi, Lord Sri Krishna, Karn, and Duryodhan. 

The Mahabharat Yudh is also known as “Dharma Yudh”, which is created to spread the dharma into the world and to destroy the difference between men and women. According to Lord Krishna, both men and women are the same, and it is the primary intention of Mahabharat Yudh.

There are mainly two teams held in this fight one is Pandava’s team, and another one is Duryodhan’s team. Duryodhan’s section contains guru Drona, asthma, Karn, Vism, saki, and her 100 brothers. 

On the other hand, Pandav’s team contain Lord Sri Krishna, 5 Pandav brothers, Abhimanyu, dropada Kumar, and her soldiers. This book helps to motivate me a lot and gives me the energy to do everything. 

Type of books 

There are many types of books available in this world. Different books have different purposes and different intentions. For example, storybooks provide you with stories, and fact books provide you with facts and information. These are the same types of books which are most popular in this world. 

  1. crime fiction book 
  2. storytelling book 
  3. art book 
  4. Fiction book 
  5. biography book 
  6. action fiction book 
  7. cookbook 
  8. children literature book 
  9. graphic fiction book 
  10. class wise book 
  11. self- help book 
  12. fantasy book 
  13. detective books 
  14. travel guideline books 
  15. memoir book 
  16. textbook 
  17. anthology book 
  18. comic books 
  19. nonfiction book 
  20. historical book 
  21. exercise book 
  22. poetry book 
  23. dictionary book 
  24. autobiography book 
  25. science fiction book 
  26. horror book 
  27. Mystery book

31 Most Popular Books In India

  1. freedom at midnight 
  2. life of pi
  3. maximum city 
  4. the great Indian novel 
  5. the private life 
  6. malgudi days 
  7. sacred games 
  8. the guide 
  9. wise and otherwise 
  10. train to Pakistan 
  11. A suitable boy 
  12. the namesake
  13. ananda math  
  14. the blue umbrella 
  15. the house of Blue 
  16. Jordaan 
  17. the discovery of India 
  18. a fine balance 
  19. discover your destiny 
  20. fasting 
  21. argumentative India 
  22. the white tiger 
  23. wings of fire 
  24. the shadow lines 
  25. the god of small things 
  26. the glass palace 
  27. my memory 
  28. Satya ke prayog 
  29. in custody 
  30. midnight children 
  31. ananda math

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What is the complete form of a book?

Answer- The full form of the book is Bio Optical Organized Knowledge. On the other hand, a book is also known as a store of knowledge.

What’s the most read book ever?

Answer- According to some experts they said that Geeta is the most-read book ever.

What is the short form of a book?

Answer- The book is also known as the BK and BKS in short form.

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