Punjab – History, Geography, Economy, Symbols, Census

Punjab – History, Geography, Economy, Symbols, Census

Punjab is the heart of the Indian Sikh community as more than half the population is Of Sikkim. Punjab is the state in Northern India.

 It is the 20th largest Indian state by area with 2,77,04,236 people living there according to the 2011 census. The state covers an area of 50,362 sq km (19,445 sq miles ).

Punjab is the 16th largest state by population, which also has 22 districts divided into it.

Administrative divisions of Punjab 

Punjab is divided into 5 divisions:-

1) Patiala
2) Rup Nagar
3) Jalandhar
4) Faridkot
5) Ferozepur

The capital city of the State is Chandigarh and the largest city of the State is Ludhiana.

Districts of Punjab

There are about 22 districts in Punjab which are divided into about 4 divisions.

Majha Region Consists of Amritsar, Tarn tarn, Gurdaspur, Pathankot. 2nd Region is the Malwa Region which consists of Barnala, Bathinda, Ferozepur, Farzilka, Faridkot, Ludhiana, Moga,  Mansa, Patiala, Sangrur. 

The 3rd Geographical Region consists of Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. 4th Geographical Region consists of  Nagar (Mohali), Rupnagar, Fatehnagar sahib.

Each district is under control of administrative control of the District Collector. The district is then subdivided into 79 tehsils. Each tehsil consists of blocks which are a total of 143. Blocks consist of revenue villages. 

The total no of revenue villages is 12,278. Let’s move to some statistics of the State i.e it has about 22 Zilla Parishad, 136 Municipal Committees, 22 Improvement trusts looking after 143 towns, and 14 cities of Punjab.

Minerals information in marathi

Basic Information of Punjab.

Formation :- 1 Nov 1966.
Capital:- Chandigarh
District:- 22
Tehsil:- 79
Statutory towns:- 168
Census towns:- 69
Total towns:- 237
Revenue villages :- 12,278
Language:- Punjabi
Density :- 550/km sq (1400 sq m)
HDI – 2018 is 0.723 (high and 9th in India)
Sex Ratio – 889/1000
Literacy:- 76.68

Punjab general knowledge


Symbols of Punjab 

Sports– Kabbadi
Bird – Baaz
Flower -Gladiolus
Tree – Sheesham, Tahli
River – Indus
Emblem – Lion Capital of Ashoka with wheat stem above crossed swords below.
Mammal – Blackbuck
State aquatic animal – Indus River Dolphin
State motto – Satyameva Jayate
Dance – Bhangra, Giddha

The economy of Punjab:- 

GDP (2018-2019) :- 5.18 lakh crore
Per Capita – 153061
Punjab is called the Granary of India or India’s  Bread Basket. It produces 10.26 % of India’s Cotton, 19.5 % of India’s wheat, and 11.7% of India’s Rice. Here the largest cultivated crop is wheat. In Worldwide terms, Punjab produces 2% of the World’s Cotton, 2% of Wheat, and 1% of its Rice.

Rivers of Punjab-

Punjab means “The land of Five Rivers“. They are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej. After the partition, these 3 rivers Sutlej, Ravi and Beas are flowing through the Indian Punjab.

History of Punjab:- 

Punjab was ruled in history by Mahajanpadas, Achaemenid, Alexander, Maurya Empire, Kushan Empire, Gupta Empire, Harsha’s Empire, Mughal Empire, Durrani Empire, and Sikh Empire. 

The great Punjab Region was ruled by a British East India Company from the Sikh Empire in 1849. In 1947, the Punjab province of British India was divided into West Punjab (Pakistan ) and East Punjab (India). 

After the language state started forming in 1956 the state had the Punjabi Suba Movement and then Punjab was divided into 3 parts on basis of language in 1966.

Hindi speaking areas:- Haryana
Punjabi Speaking areas:- Punjab
Pahari Speaking areas:- Himachal Pradesh

Religion in Punjab:-

The main religion in Punjab is Sikhism.

Sikhism:- 57.7%
Hinduism :- 38.5%
Christianity :- 1.26 %
Jainism :- 0.16%
Muslim:- 1.26 %

The famous personality of Punjab:-

1) Maharaja Ranjit Singh
2) Abdus Salam – Physics Nobel Prize
3) Har Gobind Khurana – Medicine Nobel Prize.
4)Bulleh Shah.
5) Ten gurus of Sikhism
6) Amrita Pritam (Writer )
7) Rana Kapoor – Founder and Managing director of Yes Bank.
8) Sunil Mittal – Owner of Bharti Airtel.

Politician of Punjab:-

1) Royal Family of Patiala
2) Badal Family
3) Bhunder Family
4) Beant Singh Family.

Legislative Council – 117 members
Rajya Sabha – 7
Loksabha – 13

Forest of Punjab:-

Punjab totally belongs to agriculture bcoz it’s  83 % of land lies in agriculture. As per the report of the 2019 Of Forest Act, only 6.12% area lies i.e 3,084 sq km in the forest Region. If compared with India only 0.40% area lies in Forest Zone.

Recorded forest area in Punjab:-

Reserve Forest – 44 sq km
Protected Forest – 1137 sq km
Unclassed Forest – 1903 sq km
Total – 3084 sq km

Some more other Facts of Punjab:- 

Punjab State the land of five rivers, is situated in the northwestern region of India. It is surrounded by Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu, and Kashmir. The Punjab province in Pakistan also surrounds Punjab.

Wildlife sanctuaries in Punjab:- 

1) Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary
2) Bir Aswan
3) Bir Babson
4) Bir Bunerheri
5) Bir Dosanjh
6) Bir Gurdialpura
7) Bir Mehaswala
8) Bir Motibagh
9) Harika Lake Wildlife Sanctuary
10) Jhajjar Bacholi
11) Kathalaur Kushlan
12) Nangal

Famous tourist Places in Punjab

1) Amritsar has Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh
2) Chandigarh has the rock Garden and Sukana Lake
3) Ludhiana has Lodhi fort and Tiger Zoo
4) Patiala has Samana and Motibagh Palace
5) Pathankot has Nurpur Fort
6) Mohali has Rose Garden

Thermal Power in Punjab:-

1) Guru Gobind Singh super thermal Power plant

2) Guru Nanak Dev thermal plant.

Education and health of Punjab:-

Education has assumed high priority in the State of Punjab since Independence. The earlier four-tier system primary, secondary, high, and secondary schools have now become a two-tier system. Presently, there is a 164 secondary level hospital in the state as per the following details. There are 19 district hospitals having a bed range of 50 – 500 beds. These hospitals are situated in all the districts throughout Punjab.

Film and Sports Industry of Punjab:-

1) Harbhajan Singh
2) Virat Kohli
3) Yuvraj Singh
4) Gautam Gambhir
5) Kapil Dev
6) Shikar Dhawan

The most popular sport is Kabbadi here also every year many players play pro Kabbadi league from Punjab. Punjabis play a wide range of sports and games, ranging from modern games such as hockey and cricket, traditional games such as Kabbadi, kushthian ( Wrestling), and Khuddo khondi.

Punjabi Cinema referred to as “Pollywood “is the Punjabi Language Film Industry. It is mainly based in Amritsar. In 1928 Punjab Cinema was started.

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