Biography of Fearless Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale 17th Century King

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Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale:


Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale was born in 1623 in Verul Shrigonda. He was the elder son of Jijabai and Shahaji Maharaj. He was the big brother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Actually, Shahaji and Jijabai had 8 children but 6 died on the spot. 


His birth was tragic as his father was not present at that time. He was a general in Nizamshahi at that time. 


His name was given in a very good way. There took place one khandagale story where Vitoji’s son sambhaji led his life for Swarajya. So his name was given to Jijabai Son. Shahaji Raje was general in Nizamshah first and Adilshah then for Bangalore and Kolar Area. 


He had many poets and singers in his darbar. So since childhood, he had an interest in singing, writing, and all. He knew 4 languages Marathi, Parsi, Kannada, and Sanskrit. His writing shilla lek is still in Bangalore today and is enormously visited by tourists. 


He married Shivneri fort killedar name Vijayraj Vishwas Rao daughter Jayantirani. The marriage took place in Nov 1629. Total he had 3 marriages. His first wife was Jayantirani, 2nd was Gauri rani and 3rd was Parvatirani. From Jayantirani they had 2 kids named Umaji and Maloji. 


Till his time he was the bravest son in the Bhosale family. He was well trained physically and had the best diet which would help him in Fighting for a long time. 

Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale
Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale


Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale Wars:


After the killing of Nizamshah took place Mughals wanted Nizamshahi to be totally destroyed. So again in 1635, they sent Shahistekhan on 16 Feb 1635. At the age of just 15, Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale fought with courage and destroyed them. 


Mughals won 18 regions then but lost badly at Junnar. The biggest reason was Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosle. This was the first time Mughals knew the power of Shahaji’s son. 


From 1628 to 1636 Father-Son duo of Shahaji and Sambhaji created and changed the History of South India. They were with Nizams, Adilshah, and later on, created Independent Hindavi Swarajya. 


Shivaji Maharaj started creating Hindavi Swarajya so adil shah was angry and punished Shahaji Maharaj. They gave him a hang to a death sentence. Also, there was a fight between Barakh Khan and Sambhaji Maharaj from Aug 1648 to Feb 1649. Fight between 12000 soldiers and very few Maratha soldiers. 


The fight was won by Marathas but they gave Bangalore forts to Adilshahi to save their father’s life. But later on, won everything back again. It is also said that Shivaji Maharaj compromised with Mughal general Shahjahan and saved his father’s life then. 


Shahaji Maharaj was too lucky to have brave sons like Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj. 


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