Short Note on February weekly current affairs

February weekly current affairs (1- 7 Feb)

1 February 2021 

1. When Martyr’s day is celebrated?

30 January


2. Indian Coast guard Day is celebrated on which day?

1 February 

3. Lowy the institute Australia Released which Report related to Covid?

Covid performance Report 

No.1 position is held by New Zealand 

4. Which Company has held the top position as per World Strongest Brand as per the global 500 2021?

in India (Reliance jio)

global-  We chat 

5. New MD and CEO of SBI cards?

Rama Mohan Rao Amara 

6. Who is the Author of the Year Book?

Seth Rogen 

7. 3 Rafale jets Recently arrive in India from France (performed Nonstop journey)

from which Airbase of France?

Istres Airbase France

8. The first Made in India Rake manufactured by whom?

Bharat Earthmovers limited 

9. the 55th edition of the 2021 World Economic Forum Annual meeting is known as?

The Davos Agenda 2021 

  • The theme of the agenda is A crucial year to Retain Trust.

10. First international bank to receive a license from RBI and establish a universal bank business?

SBM bank Named as New Indian bank in India 

2 February 2021 

1. Congo PM resigned Name of PM is?

Sylvestre Ilunga 

Capital of Congo in Kinshasa 

2. RBI Cancel License of which bank?

Shivam Sahakari Bank 

3. BEST Tableau parade is awarded to which state?

Uttar Pradesh 

4. Who is appointed as the CEO of the National Health Authority?

Ram Sevak Sharma 

5. Which Company is Awarded to build a 679-megawatt hydro project in Nepal?

Satlujjal Vidyut nigam 

6. Who addressed the inaugural Session 2021 Asean India Hackathon?

Ramesh Pokhriyal

7. Tejas Mark 2 is Manufactured by which Indian Company?

Hindustan Aeronautics limited 

8. Book named yes mam: The untold story of Rana Kapoor is written by?

Pavan C.lall 

9. World leprosy day(Harisen Day)?

31 January 

10. Which state recently launched Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Swasthya Bima Yojana?


3 February 2021

1. Who is appointed as the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu?

Rajeev Ranjan 

2. Ecological Hotspot of India is known as?

Western ghats 

3. Name of the world’s first rocket-powered By biofuel?

Stardust 1.0

4. Book “The little book of encouragement” is written by whom?

Dalai Lama 

5. World wetlands Day is annually observed on which Day?

2nd February 

The theme of 2021 world wetlands Day 

“Wetlands and water”

6. Which State launched 2 schemes Pragyan Bharti’s and Bhasa gaurab’?


7. How much Fund is provided by the government for the startup India seed fund scheme?

945 crore 

8. Who inaugurated the National Tribal Festival aadi Mahotsav 2021?

Venkaih Naidu 

9. India and which Country hold fourth foreign office Consultation virtually?


10. New species of lizards (gecko) found in which state?

Arunachal Pradesh 

weekly current affairs

4 February 2021

1. Who inaugurated the 8th India international Silk festival?

Smriti Zubin Irani 

2. Ministry of tribal admitted which product for providing Minimum support price?

Minor forest products 

3. MiTRA schemes Related to?

Textiles Parks 

4. India’s first wetland conservation center will be set up in?


5. Which wetland site is recently added in Wetland sites?

Tsokar lake of ladakh 

6. India Rank in democracy index 2020?


7. Which Hindi word is named by oxford as Hindi word of the year 2020?

Atma Nirbharta or Self-reliance 

8. New CEO of Amazon?

Andy jassy 

9. Who inaugurated the 2nd exclusive LCA Tejas production plant in which city?

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Bangalore 

10. Which bank has launched a special saving Account for children up to the age of 18 years?

Federal Bank 

11. Which district of  Uttar Pradesh topped as per NITI aayog Aspirational districts?


5 February 2021

1. Switch Delhi is an initiative for electric vehicles launched by whom?

Arvind Kejriwal

2. Rajnath Singh defense minister of India has inaugurated Aero India on which Airbase?


3. Which state government waives the loan of 16.43 lakhs Farmers?

Tamil Nadu 

4. Which company received Carbon neutral Fuel from America?


5. Which country celebrated 73rd independence Day on 4 February?


6. Who became the president of the National Security Council?


7. India’s First Thunderstorm Research Testbed Started in which state?


8. Which state government Started-Chai Bagicha Dhan puraskar?


9. As per the RBI report what is the GDP of India in the year 2021-22?


10. Who became the MD CEO of Petronet LNG limited?

Akshay Kumar Singh 

11. Which District of Madhya Pradesh Made a world Record by performing an online oath-taking ceremony for Say NO to drugs To 50 lakhs youth?

Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh 

6 February 2021

1. Which state has started Intellectual Property Rights Schemes and quality Testing and Certification Scheme?


2. Addition of Suitable Impurities into Semiconductor is called?


3. What is the tagline of the Federal Bank?

Your perfect Banking partner 

4. PGIMER launched India’s first Amputee Clinic “PGI Amputee Clinic” In which City?


5. Who is the MD And CEO of Federal Bank?

Mr.Shyam Srinivasan 

6. Who is the Head of the Indian Space research organization?


7. Which private Company signed a Non-Disclosure Memorandum of understanding with ISRO To build a small Rocket?

Skyroot Aerospace 

8. What is the theme of the National Tribal Festival aadi Mahostav 2021?

A celebration of the spirit of tribal Crafts, Culture, and Commerce 

9. Where is the Sur Sarovar lake(Wetland) Site located?


10. Biofuel is a combination of?

Nitrous Oxide bundled with oxygen 

7 February 2021

1. Who became the first cricketer to score a double hundred in his 100th test at the India England Test in Chennai?

England Skipper Joe Root 

2. Who is going to develop a portal for blue-collar jobs for migrants and workers?

NITI aayog in association with Ministries of skill development and entrepreneurship labor and employment and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.

3. Who is Recently died known as Master of stagecraft?

Bansi Kaul 

4. In which Countries the military exercise known as Yudh Abyss’s annual bilateral joint exercise is going to Conducted?

India and US 

5. Vivad se Vishwas is the Initiative of which department for settling Direct tax Disputes?

Income Tax department 

6. Which Ministry permits 4 states to borrow more?

Ministry of finance granted Assam, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab 

7. Which Country has declared Army Rule? 


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