India’s Most Qualified Person – [Shrikant Jichkar] Biography in 2021

Shrikant Jichkar


Have you ever thought about who was the most qualified person in India? It’s none other than who’s an article you are reading now. His name was Dr. Shrikant Jichkar. 


Born in Marathi speaking family on 14 September 1954 in Katol Maharashtra. Since childhood, he was interested in Studying. His parents were from a simple agricultural family. So let’s today discuss Shrikant Jichkar biography who is known as an incredible genius, intellectual par excellence, and embodiment of a compassionate person in India.¶


The biggest milestone he achieved was:


  1. Youngest MLA of India at age of 26.
  2. He obtained 20 degrees from 42 University Exams.
  3. Served 14 portfolios at once in Maharashtra Cabinet.
  4. He read more than 52000 books in his career.
  5. He was the only person to conquer IAS-IPS.
  6. Between 1972 to 1990 he gave 42 university exams and conquered all.
  7. Even UPSC Officially congratulated him for doing as he was first to do.
  8. Jichkar was an active Amateur Radio operator and used the call sign VU2SJA.


shrikant jichkar
Shrikant jichkar


Shrikant Jichkar degree list:

  • MBBS and MD from Nagpur
  • LLB
  • LLM
  • Master of Business Administration(MBA)
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • D.Litt (Doctor of Literature
  • MA in History
  • MA in Psychology
  • MA in Economics
  • MA in Sanskrit(Served as Chancellor in Sanskrit University)
  • MA in Political Science
  •  M.A. Public Administration
  • Got about 28 gold Medals

He completed his primary education in Nagpur govt school as per sources. He was a clever student and top ranker since childhood.

This is the reason why he is called India’s Most educated person.⊗


Full NameDr. Shrikant Ramchandra Jichkar
Political Party INC (Congress)
Height, Weight5,8 and 70 kg
Acheivements Most Qualified person of India
BookExploration of Economic theory in Socialism
HobbiesReading, Speaker and Fitness Enthusiast
Total Degrees20

His Career:

After being selected as an IPS and IAS he retired from service to contest his elections. In 1980 he joined active politics. Also, he won his very first election and went to become MLA at the age of 26. 


Still, he has a record of being the youngest MLA in the country. He was also the one minister in Indian history to serve 14 portfolios at once. That’s the masterpiece. 


His Occupation:

  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Bureaucrat
  • Journalist
  • Professional Photographer
  • Painter
  • Actor
  • Academician


He has recorded in the Genius Book of World and Limca Book too for his various achievements. While doing social work and politics, he founded many schools.


His Political Journey:

  1. MLA (1980-1985)
  2. MLC (1986 – 1992)
  3. Rajya Sabha ( 1992 – 1998)
  4. He contested both 1999(Bhandara-Gondiya) and 2004(Ramtek)  Lok Sabha Elections but lost there with Small Margin. 
  5. In 1999 at Bhandara Gondiya he lost by just 4000 margins and in 2004 he lost in Ramtek at just 15000 votes.
  6. Till his last time, he was with Congress only. He never changed his political party for good positions while being invited too. 

Shrikant Jichkar Caste:

It is still unknown which caste he belongs to as he never mentioned it publicly. But sources claim that he either belongs to Maratha Kunbi or Marathi Jain Family. So when it comes to his religion, he is either Hindu or Jain. 


Shrikant Jichkar Family:

He was married to Rajashree Jichkar and has two children. His parents are Ramchandra Jichkar and belong to an agricultural background. He always said it was his family who supported him a lot in his education.


His Horoscope:

His horoscope was Virgo.


Shrikant Jichkar Net Worth:

His net worth is not known. But as per sources he had assets of 2,68,84,809 and liabilities is 20,43,400 rs. He had a total of 4 criminal cases against him in his life. 


Shrikant Jichkar Books:

  1. Explorations in Economic theory of socialism by Shrikant Jichkar (Available on Amazon)
  2. Shrikant Jichkar Speech in Nagpur 


His Son and Daughter:


Son Name: Adv Yajnavalkya Jichkar

Daughter Name: Maitryi Jichkar

Maitryi Jichkar Speech

shrikant jichkar family
shrikant jichkar family


Shrikant Jichkar death:

On 2nd June 2004, his car met with an accident with a truck near Kondavli. Kondavli is 65 kms away from Nagpur. Along with his nephew, Dr. Shriram Dhawad died there. The accident was so serious where they had multiple injuries. 


Did you know?

  1. He established many schools in his Hometown and helped poor students learn. 
  2. There are many libraries and foundations in name of him. 
  3. He wrote many books and published them. 
  4. There is a small university named after him.
  5. His record to be Youngest MLA has been broken by Arun Verma and Ummed Singh.
  6. The only person to do Masters’s in 10 subjects.
  7. He is among those people who had been in all sectors like Govt Servant, Politics, Writer, and Finance. 
  8. Personally after knowing these things I think he should be called the Sachin Tendulkar of Education. 


Shrikant Jichkar vs Ambedkar:


These both were the finest people and legends in Indian History. I will never compare both of them but when it comes to India’s contribution, It was B.R.Ambedkar who contributed to India more than Jichkar and is valuable today also. 


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A most qualified person in the World:


  • Michael W. Nicholson
  • VN Parthiban




If we just conquer two or three graduations then also we feel like we have achieved everything in life. This person was just a Masterpiece who got 20 degrees and also rocked in the field of Politics. Thanks, Sir, people like you are an inspiration to the World and Upcoming generations. He is still India’s most qualified person. 


This was all about Shrikant Jichkar’s life history. 

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