Soyarabai – Age, Husband, Biography & Unknown Facts In 2023

Soyarabai is the most famous name in Indian history and culture. Soyarabai is the second wife of Chhatrapati shivaji.

In this ultimate guide, we are going to discuss with you Soyarabai’s biography and much more information about Soyarabai, including Her age, her husband, and many unknown facts.

There are many miss conscious speared about Soyarabai, that is, she murdered the Chhatrapati Shivaji, but it is totally wrong.

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Now the most asked question is how we collect this information. By profession, I have been a teacher for the last 22 years. Before I write an article, I spend hours and hours researching so that you will get 100% correct and exact answers.

Soyarabai (Personal Informations)


Full Name Soyarabai Mohite Bhosle
Husband Chhatrapati Shivaji
Death The 1681 Year
Date Of BirthBetween 1605 to the 1665 Year
BirthplaceBangalore (Not Sure)

Do you know Soyarabai was married to Chhatrapati Shivaji at a very young age? The year she got married in after the 1659 year.

The interesting fact is that when Chhatrapati Shivaji met her mother, Jija Bai, then their married was fixed in Bangalore in 1642 year.

Now the turning point is that Sorabai was married to Shivaji in the year 1642. After the death of her mother, Jija Bai, in 1642 year then, Soyarabai married Shivaji, and she had 2 Children whose names were Balibai and Rojaram.

Sorabai was born between 1605 the 1665 year. There is no information available for her exact date of birth. But we have the estimated date. Her birthplace is Bangalore.

Now here, the interesting point is that Chhatrapati Shivaji’s father lived in Bangalore with his stepmother and Sorabai. When Shivaji visited her father in Bangalore, then Shivaji first time saw Soyarabai.

Soyarabai is very beautiful. Shivaji is called the rule of Maratha. At that time, Soyarabai was at a very young age, not ready for marriage, but Shivaji did not have any patience. So that Soyarabai married Shivaji in the year 1659.

Here the turning point is that Jijabai was dead in the year 1674. After dead of Jija bai, Soyarabai gained more popularity in Maratha. After spending some time, she decided to go into Maratha politics.

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Unknown Facts About Sorabai 

  1. There is much fake news that is spread on the Internet. Some bloggers say that Soyarabai murdered his husband, and some bloggers say that she is a good woman. But according to our research, we say Chhatrapati Shivaji was dead because of digestive problems.
  2. Sorabai was married at a very early age. We did not know what the exact age was, but we can say she got engaged in their teenage young when she was not ready for her marriage. But Shivaji was the rule of Maratha, that’s why she married Shivaji in her teenage.
  3. Chhatrapati shivaji was dead in 1680 year. After the death of Shivaji, According to their tradition, Rajram was perfect for their throne, but their stepbrother did not want this. That’sThat’s why Sorabai was very disappointed.
  4. The most exciting and funniest fact is that Sorabai was the 8th number wife of Shivaji. Now you think that is why Shibaji married eight wives. Well, there are plenty of reasons why Shibaji does this, but we don’t have any sufficient information about this.

Soyarabi killed his husband (Is it real or fake?) 

If I answered this question, then a single answer is No.

There are many bloggers and Historians are says that soyarabai is killed by the Shivaji, but this is not true. As I already mentioned that Chhatrapati Shivaji was dead because of a digestive problem in the year 1680.

I hope this miss understanding is now clear. Now let’slet’s discuss how Soyarabi died and what was the reason behind this. Let’sLet’s find out.

How did Soyarabai die?

Soyarabai was the 8th wife of Chhatrapati shivaji. She is a gorgeous woman, and she has two children. Soyarabai was dead after the death of her husband, Chhatrapati Shivaji, in the year 1687 because of a war.

According to our database and our research, a battle was held in the 1687 year at Bangalore. Hambirrao defeated Sarja Khan in this war, The most heart touching moment is that a cannonball hit Hambirrao leading to his death. After that, Soyarabai was dead.

Many historians and bloggers say that after the death of her husband, she drank poison so that she would die. First of it is totally fake information.

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What is the full name of Soyarabai? 

Answer- The full name of Soyarabai is Soyarabai Mohite Bhosle.

Did Shivaji love Soyarabai?

Answer- Yes. Because of love, Chhatrapati Shivaji married Soyarabai in the year 1642.

Where was Soyarabai born?

Answer- Many historians say that Soyarabai was born in Bangalore, and many say that Soyarabai was born in Maharashtra, India. But it has yet to be confirmed exactly where the soyarabai was taken.

When did Soyarabai die?

Answer- Soyarabi was dead in 1687 because of the war which is happening in 1687.


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