Short description about [Lakes in India]

Lakes in India 


A Lake derived from the Latin word ‘lacus‘ means, a large body of water within a body of land. Lakes are different from both Rivers and seas. 


Lakes do not flow like rivers, although many rivers flowing into or out of lakes. India is considered a diverse culture in terms of topographical features. 


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Lakes in India cover an important part of India’s varied topographical features. Lakes are generally static, unlike rivers. 

Temperature, light, and wind are those factors that affect the physical characteristics of Lakes in India.


Different Types of Lakes in India: ??


Formation of Lakes in India can be mainly described under three types which we will be discussing below :


1. Saltwater lakes – Formation of lakes mostly in coastal areas with island drainage or in the shape of Spit and bars lagoons are termed as Saltwater lakes.

Chilika and Kolleru lake are in form of lagoons whereas Sambhar lake in Rajasthan is formed due to island drainage and its water is used for salt production.


2. Freshwater lakes – These lakes are mostly glacier origins found in the Himalayan region. When glaciers dug out a basin and basin filled with melt snow, it results in freshwater lakes. 

The most important freshwater lakes in India are Wulur lake, Dal Lake, and Nainital lakes.


3. Manmade lakes – Rivers are dammed in order to generate power and it results in the formation of man-made lakes.

These man-made lakes are also constructed as the drain of excessive water of the river during floods. 

Guru gobind Sagar, Nizam sagar, and Rana pratap sagar are some important examples of Man made lakes .


How many lakes are in India?


It is known to be around 250 total lakes in India. Out of which we consider about 70 lakes as the most important lakes in India. 

These lakes are either natural lakes (Saltwater or Freshwater lakes) or Man-made lakes. 

These lakes serve various useful purposes to their locality and are often considered as the most important part of topographical creation.


lakes in India
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Which are the main lakes in India?


As discussed above there are around 70 lakes in India that are considered important lakes. Let us know few important facts about lakes in India.


Wulur lake in Jammu and Kashmir is the largest freshwater lake in India, whereas Chilka lake in Orisa is considered as largest saltwater lake. It is a famous lake in India.


Vembanad lake in Kerla is the longest lake in the country.

Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh is the largest lake in India.

Cholamu lake in Sikkim is at the highest altitude.


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