Ultimate Guide on How to Start UPSC Preparation

Mostly asked a question while preparing for UPSC is How to start preparation?


If you have more than 1 year for preparation then follow this Format. Let’s discuss How to start UPSC Preparation? Even students with less than 1 year can follow this but believe me you will need more hard work.


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1) Start with Ncert 6th std and read till 12th std of social science.

2) Read 2 times Ncert textbooks properly. Only NCERT will cover 50 % of the syllabus and make your base clear. It will boost your confidence.

3) Now go for UPSC standard books and read them once and most important, highlight main points.





Below is the list of UPSC Standard books:-

Ancient History:- R.S.Sharma
Medival History:- Satish Chandra
Modern History:- Spectrum by Bipin Chandra
Geography :- Majid Hussain / G.C.leone
Indian Polity :- M.Laxmikant
Indian Economy:- Ramesh Singh & Dutt.Sundaram
Science:- Lucent & Sachin Bhaske
Aptitude:- Agarwal
  • Often students ask how to start for IAS. Believe me, this is the best way.


4) Make your handwritten notes after NCERT and UPSC Standard book reading. A separate notebook for each subject is required.


5) Have to Group Discussion with Friends it will enlarge your thinking level and increase your confidence level. The best topics for group discussion are of Economics and Polity.


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6) Follow some important accounts of UPSC on Social Media. So that while using mobile your Study will take place indirectly. Instagram, Fb, Quora, and Pinterest will help you there.


7) Also refer to Youtube Channels and some Good Blogs for Conceptual Clarity.


8) Newspaper is MUST and watch some important news channel and Market.


9) Complete this process in 1 yr. Now Start solving the Test series of Top academies.


10) Analysis Now questions paper of last 5 years and share your experience with Old UPSC Aspirants. They will guide you properly.



UPSC is not the cup of tea, you have to study hard both smartly and hardly for getting success. While preparing for IAS never skip NCERT textbooks as it makes your base clear. Select best topics for group discussion as it helps you think out of boundary level.
This is my article for How to Start UPSC Preparation.

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