5 Battles that Changed Indian History Forever

5 Battles that Changed Indian History 


In the late 17th Century, European’s started invading India especially Britishers, Portuguese and French.


Which then had insecurity among Indians and later Anglo Indian Wars took place. Today we will discuss 5 battles that changed Indian History.

There were two battles that started the British Empire in India and started their roots spreading in India.


They were the Battle of Plassey (1757) and Battles of Buxar (1764).

After the Battle of Buxar, there was the Allahabad Treaty introduced in the year 1765 which had given Britishers the right to collect revenue and interfere in the politics of the particular region.

They started increasing their power in India which brought anger between Marathas, Mysore, Sikhs, Nepalese, and Burma.


Then took place the 5 battles that changed Indian History.


5 Battles that Changed Indian History


Anglo – Maratha Wars ( 1775 – 1818 ):-


1) 1st Anglo – Maratha War (1775 – 1782):- 

War started with the Treaty of Surat (1775) and ended with the Treaty of Salbai (1782).

Governor-General:– Lord Warren Hastings.

Location:- Pune, Surat, and some parts of MP.

It also had the Treaty of Purandar (1776) and the Treaty of Wadgaon (1779).

Results:- Maratha Victory.


2) 2nd Anglo Maratha War (1803-1805):-

On 31 Dec 1802 Treaty of Bassein /Vasai took place between Britisher and Bajirao 2, which was not accepted by many Maratha Rulers.

This led to the famous 2nd Anglo Maratha War.

GovernorGeneral:- Lord Wellesley

Location:- Central India


Bhosale:- Treaty of Deogan:- 1803 Dec
Scindia:- Treaty of Surji:- 1803 Dec
Holkar :- Treaty of Rangan :- 1805 Dec

Results:- British Victory


3) 3rd Anglo Maratha War ( 1817 – 1818 ):-

GovernorGeneral:- Francis Hastings

Location:- Pune

Peshwa lost in Koregaon and Khadki 

War started by the British attacking Pindaris troops were supported by Bishop.

Results:- British Victory

Though everything was lost by Maratha, the kingdom of Satara was ruling still, which later got annexed in 1848 by the ‘Doctrine of Lapse‘ introduced by Lord Dalhousie.

This was all about Anglo Maratha Wars.



Anglo – Mysore War (1766 -1799 ):-


1) 1st Anglo Mysore War (1766-1769):-

Governor of Bengal:- Lord Warrleselt

Location:- South India

Treaty of Madras took place

Results:- Mysore Victory


2) 2nd Anglo Mysore War (1780 – 1784 ):-

Governor-General:- Lord Warren Hastings

Location:- South India

Treaty of Mangalore took place.

Results:- British Victory


3) 3rd Anglo Mysore War (1790 – 1792):-

Governor-General:- Lord Cornwallis

Location:- South India

Treaty of Srirangpatnam took place

Results:- British Victory


4) 4th Anglo Mysore War (1798 -1799):-

GovernorGeneral:- Lord Wellesley

Location:- Todays Karnataka

Tipu Sultan was killed and the total Mysore Kingdom was annexed by Britishers.

Results:- British Victory

This was all about Anglo Mysore Wars.



Anglo – Nepalese War (1814 -1816):- 

War took place between 1814 – 1816 between Nepal and East India Company. After a long fight of 2 years war ended in 1816 with the ‘Treaty of Sagauli’ on 4th March 1816.

After the war 66th Gurkha Regiment was made. Nepal lost all Sikkim.

GovernorGeneral:- Francisco Hastings

Khukuri‘ weapon was used and Nepal warrior’s names were similar to ‘Thapa’.


Anglo – Burmese Wars (1824 – 1885):-


1) 1st Anglo Burma War (1824-1826):- 

GovernorGeneral:- Lord Armshet

Treaty of Yangbodo was signed on 24 Feb 1826

Burma lost control over Manipur and Assam


2) 2nd Anglo Burma War (1852 -1853):-

Lord Dalhousie send commander in Chief George Larmshet to solve the dispute over the “Treaty of Yangbodo” and he came returning winning Lower Burma.


3) 3rd Anglo Burma War (1885):-

GovernorGeneral:- Lord Dufferin

In the 3rd war, India was with Burma

Results:- British Victory and won Total Burma region

Kongbaung Dynasty‘ was demolished.

This was all about Anglo Burma Wars.


Anglo – Sikh Wars (1845 – 1849 ):-


1) 1st Anglo Sikh War (1845 – 1846):-

Lord Hoardings was the Governor-general of India.

Treaty of Lahore‘ took place and the area between river Bea’s and Sutlej went to the British.

Patiala State was with Britisher.


2) 2nd Anglo Sikh War (1848 – 1849):-

GovernorGeneral:- Lord Dalhousie

Battle of Chillianwala took place.

Location:- Punjab

British defeated and the Sikh Kingdom was finished.

This was all about Anglo-Sikh Wars.


Important PDF on Wars and Battles in Indian History.

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These were the 5 battles that Changed Indian History. Here we thoroughly described all Anglo-Indian Wars which took place in Modern History and we came to know how British rule started in India.

After this Britishers started ruling total India but had to face the same aggression of Indians in the year 1857 which is famously known as the “Revolt of 1857“.

Here also we can conclude that when Maratha totally lost then and only Britishers could start their Empire in India.


Marathas were KingMakers in Modern History. Thanks to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.



5 Battles that Changed Indian History

Ottoman Empire

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