All Acts of India Before 1857 Revolt

All Acts of India Before 1857 Revolt:-

Europeans started coming to India in 1600 for trading purposes and earning in billions and they knew India had potential in all 3 sectors due to a large population and big workforce.

1st came Portuguese then Dutch, Britishers, Danish, French, and at the last came Sweden. 

Few of them conquered ports and started trading while others establish companies in the name of trading and giving royalty to Mughals.

Long after 60 to 70 years Britishers became strong economically soon started conquering all Indian metro cities, there was tense in the Mughals then which result in the war known as the “Battle of Plassey” in 1757 where Britishers won.

Then again in the year 1764, the 2nd war took place in the year known as the “Battle of Buxar” resulting in the 2nd British victory. 
The next year they brought the Allahabad treaty (1765) and were had the right to collect revenue and interfere in the internal politics of that Region.

Now, we will discuss the All Acts before the 1857 Revolt.

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Regulating Act of 1773:-

1) This act was brought to control and regulate the external affairs of East India Company and control the political & administration of Bengal
2)It abolished the title Governor of Bengal and introduce a new post-Governor-General of Bengal and 1st was “Lord Warren Hastings”.
3) It totally reduces the power of Bombay and Madras and shifted power under the Governor-General of Bengal.
4)It established the Supreme Court in Calcutta in the year 1774 with 1 Main Judge and 3 Others.
5)It also ordered British officials to not work in the private sector In India.
6) Court of Directors post was brought for commercial and Political Work.



Pitt’s India Act of 1784:-

This was the 2nd act brought by Britishers and had its importance as it introduces many new things.

1) It was distinguished between Commercial and Political.
2) The commercial was handled by the Court of Directors for Political purposes and the Board of Control was made for collecting revenue and Controlling the Military.
3)From this act British occupied Dictatorship Power in their colonies.
4) British Government started ruling and Controlling the East India Company from England.
5)Hence from this 1st time, India had a double Government.

Charter Act of 1833:-

1)This Act abolished well-known reputed Title Governor-General of Bengal and brought Governor-General of India.
2) After it, all British territories came under the control of the Governor-General of India and he administrated it.
3) Before this act, which acts used to come was known as Regulations, and after it used to be called Acts.
4) The commercial post was abolished and only administration was kept in which political, military, and revenue work was done, which was control by the Governor-General of India.
5) Indians were 1st time brought in Civil Services But later stopped due to opposition by the Court of Directors.

Charter Act of 1853:-

1)It introduces the Central ( Indian) Legislative Council with 6 Members.
2)It separated the executive and Legislative.
3)It extended the British rule in India without giving any specific period.
4)It introduced an open selection of Indians in the Civil Services exam and for it in 1854 ( Maculuy Committee) was established.

Govt of India Act 1858:-

This Act was brought right after the 1st war of Independence i.e 1857 Revolt. 


This act was made as thinking to never happened the revolt 1857 again.

1)It was made after the 1857 revolt – the 1st war of Independence also known as ‘Good Government of India’.
2)It abolished the East India Company and transfer all powers to the British Crown.
3)After this act Country was ruled and acts were made by its own name.
4)It abolished the Governor-General of India and brought the title ‘Viceroy’. The 1st Viceroy was ‘Lord Canning‘.
5)The new office of Secretary of State was made with 15 members with him.
6)Court of Directors and Board of Control were abolished totally.

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