Are humans reasons for [Extinct Birds in India]???

Extinct Birds in India




In India, there are so many birds and animals, species have become extinct as a result of human activities. 


However, some NGOs trying very hard to save our birds and animals in the environment. But these efforts are not enough. ✌✌


In India, there are so many breeds of birds who already extinct after 1500. And there are also so many breeds of birds that are critically endangered


According to ICUN estimated around 14% of total bird species facing extinction threat and about 120-130 species have become extinct.????


So let’s discuss today Extinct birds in India thoroughly. An important topic for UPSC in Indian geography point of it. 


Vital Role does birds play in our life:-


  • Pest control, Public health, Seed dispersal, ecotourism, environment monitoring – these are some ways birds benefit Humans
  • Since birds are highly visible and common animals, humans have had a relation whit them for a very long time. 


So birds play a vital role in our life they are beneficial for:-


1) For Farmer

2) For Economy???

3) For Environment


1) For Farmer:-  


A) There will be more insects roaming the land as a result of no birds.

B) Crops will be damaged by the number of pets 

C) Many species of plants depend on birds to pollinated flowers, spread seeds, and eat pests.


2) For Economy:- 


A) Domestic birds such as chickens and turkeys are raised for meat and eggs.

B) Chicken accounts for much of human poultry consumption although turkeys ducks and geese are also relatively common. 

C) Many species of birds are also hunted for meets.


3) For Environment:- 


A) When Birds travel, they take the seeds they have eaten with them and disperse them through their dropping. 

B) They bring plants back to the ecosystem that has been destroyed and even carries plants across the sea to new grow new masses.


Extinct Birds in India
Bird name: Oriental darter


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List of extinct birds in India:-


There are many birds that are extinct in India. The name of some birds are below:-


1) Pink-headed Duck 

2) Exaretodon

3) Bharatherium 

4) Gigantopithecus

5) Indian Archos 

6) Hyperodapedon 

7) Sivatherium


Birds are Going to extinct in India:-


There are many birds that are going to extinct in India.


The latest International Union For Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of birds (2013) shows that 10 birds species in India continue to critically include:-


    1) Great India Bustard

    2) Red-Headed Vulture

    3) Forest owlet 

    4) Spoon-billed sandpiper

    5) Jerodona Courser

    6) Bengal Florican 

    7) Siberian Crane 

    8) Sociable Lapwing 

    9) Himalayan Quail

    10) White-bellied Heron 



Are Sparrows extinct in India:- 


  • There are 26 species of sparrow worldwide while 5 of them are found in India.???
  •  According to the 2015 birds census, there were only 5692 sparrows in Lucknow and about 775 sparrows in some areas of Punjab
  • So we can say sparrows not completely extinct in India but they are in a critically endangered situation.
  • Commonly sparrows are going to extinct because of mindless urbanization.


Does Mobile Affect birds life:-


  • While studies in Spain and Belgium have established the ill effect of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phone masks on birds, a study also published by a team in Punjab university has found the EMR can damage birds’ eggs and embryos.???
  • So yes we can say mobile does affect birds’ life because birds are known to be sensitive to magnetic radiation. 
  • The increasing no of cell phone towers in cities apparently is bringing down the bird population. The microwaves 
  • (300 MH3 too 300 GH3) emitted by cell phone towers and handsets has been found to be responsible for damaging eggs and embryos of sparrows.


Rarest Birds in India:-


There are also rarest birds in India like:-

1) Great Indian Bustard

2) White-winged wood Duck

3) Masked finfoot

4) World of wet and dry grassland: Jerdona babbler, Marsh babbler, and swamp Prinia 

5) White-Bellied Heron 


These birds may be part of Extinct birds in India sooner. 


Vultures extinct in India:-


  • Vultures whiches used to be very common in the Indian countryside some years ago are rarely seen nowadays.
  • Vultures are under in ICUN red list classified species into 9 categories.???
  • There are 9 species of vulture that can be found living in India. But we can see nowadays there are in danger of extinction after a rapid and major population.
  • In India, according to a report of 1980, there were up to 80 million white-rumped vultures, but today the number of vultures is only several thousand.
  • The major reason behind the vulture population going to decrease in the drug, Diclofenac found in the carcass of cattle the vultures fed on.


Read this PDF about Endangered birds in India



King Birds in India:-


The king of birds in India is Western Tragon. This is one of the most vulnerable pheasants in the world.

Western Tragon can be found only in the western Himalaya and is most protected in the state of Himachal Pradesh.


Most Beautiful birds in India:-


India is full of beauty in everything like animals plants birds human nature. So there are so many beautiful birds in India:-


1) The Sarus Crane ☝☝☝

2) The Satyr Tragon

3) The Asian Paradise

4) The fire tailed Myzornis

5)The oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

6) The peacock

7) The Himalayan Monal 


Migratory birds in India:-


  • World migratory bird day is observed every year on the second Saturday of May and October. ???
  • The day is celebrated as an awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. 
  • It aims to draw attention to the threats faced by migratory birds, their ecological importance, and the need for an international corporation to conserve them.
  • Here is the list of most beautiful migratory birds coming to India during the winters and summer season.


1) Siberian Cranes 

2) Greater Flamingo 

3) Bluethroat 

4) Great white Pelican 

5) Asiatic sparrow Hawk ss




The result shows that significant diversity and species richness in all the urban and rural sites the climate and shelter


Diversity of birds population of urban areas birds as compared to another site so we suggest that the govt bodies nature clubs and people of city & villages to maintain the lakes and ecosystem.


Make it clean and support the community. We need to save extinct birds in India. 

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