Are humans reasons for [Extinct Birds in India]???

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Extinct Birds in India   Introduction                  In India, there are so many birds and animals, species have become extinct as a result of human activities.    However, some NGOs trying very hard to save our birds and animals in the environment. But these efforts are not enough. … Read more

A Complete Guide on [GIAHS in India]

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GIAHS in India   In 2020, 41.49% of the Indian workforce is engaged in agriculture. Agriculture in India is just not a livelihood but a connection with our motherland.   This article talks about the recognized agricultural sites which hold global importance in today’s time when the world is going through an environmental crisis and … Read more

Did you Know? New [5/25 scheme of RBI]

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 5/25 scheme of RBI   What is the 5/25 scheme?   1) It is a scheme introduced by RBI to enable banks to provide a longer repayment period to companies facing financial issues. 2) It allows banks to extend long-term loans of 20-25 years to match the cash flow of projects every 5-7 years. 3) … Read more

How Modi Govt will double Farmers income: [Dalwai Committee]

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DALWAI COMMITTEE   Introduction of Dalwai committee The government had promised to double the farmer’s income in the center budget 2016-17 & achieved by 2022. For achieving the target of doubling the income of farmers by 2022, this committee was formed with 8 members under the head of Shri Ashok Dalwai, CEO of Rainfed Area … Read more

Dastane vs Dastane: Controversial Case which changed Indian Society: 1975

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Dastane vs Dastane Case   The Supreme Court held, “The Court has to deal, not with an ideal husband and an ideal wife but with a particular man and woman before it. The ideal couple or a near-ideal one will probably have no occasion to go to a matrimonial court. Even if they may not … Read more