Biography of Fearless Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb – 27 Jan

Anand Dighe

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Anand Dighe was also known as ‘Guruvarya Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb’. He was born on 27 January 1951 at Tembhi Naka in Thane. Soon when he became mature there was the rise of Shivsena. Shivsena fought for the rights of Marathi manus in Maharashtra esp Mumbai and Thane. ✌✌✌


  • His parents were from a simple typical Marathi manus family. So they used to do either jobs or farming in their village. His father’s name was Chintamani Dighe.
  • Balasaheb used to visit Thane and gave the best speeches which attracted a small Anand towards him and his party.
  • So at a small age, Anand Dighe was attached to Shivsena and its ideology. So he was not much interested in studies or business.
  • Till his end, he was a follower of Marathi Nationalism, Hindutva, and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
  • His zodiac sign was Aquarius.


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Started working for Shivsena:


  • In the 1970s when he was just 18+ when he started working as a karyakarta for Shivsena. He used to visit Sena Bhavan in his area and worked for the welfare of the people. When at 18 age everyone was busy taking college education small Anand worked for Sena and the welfare of people
  • This attracted Sena leaders to him. Old Shivsainiks says that he was quite disciplined and used to follow prime time management. He was involved in many Andolan of Sena at that time and fought for Marathi manus.
  • At that small age, he got many cases on him. He was never feared of anything. So he got famous among the Thakre family. Soon he got vice-taluka pramukh post and then vice-zilla pramukh to Zilla pramukh. 
  • An interesting fact is that when he got Zila Pramukh nobody dared to take that post from him till his death. He was district chief for more than 2 decades.
  • He never liked to give speeches and take credits.
  • He was one of the pioneers of building Yuti of Shivsena – BJP in the 1990s.

His Power hold:


  • The way he solved the problems of people he started becoming famous in Thane. His work type was solving problems on the spot and making people satisfied. He helped many youngsters to get jobs and education.
  • In Thane, it is said that he created many Marathi businessmen and Marathi aspirants of MPSC UPSC. He solved internal problems and cases in his darbar.
  • Also, he was the one who spread that Marathi is not the local or regional language of India. It is the 3rd most spoken language in India and the 10th most spoken in World. He supported many Marathi Sahitya Samelan.
  • He was a strong supporter of Hinduism and started many festivals in Thane.
  • Soon in the late 1990s, his popularity started growing in all parts of Maharashtra. Then he was known by the name “Bal Thackeray of Thane”. He was called “Shivsenapramukh of Thane district” by his supporters.
  • He became so powerful that the Thane Lok Sabha’s constituency was of BJP which he took from them. Also, he gave tickets to simple corporate Prakash Paranjape and also made him MP. Here he proved that he is the 2nd most powerful person from Shivsena after Balasaheb.
  • Even though he didn’t have any posts then also total Bollywood and national leaders from Congress and BJP know him personally.
  • He was the big reason why Sena grassroots were made strong in Thane, Palghar, Navi Mumbai, and Kalyan Dombivli. People were attracted to his personality.
  • Also many started demanding him to be the next National Shivsena Pramukh after Balasaheb Thackeray.
  • He helped many Karyakarta get Jobs in Thane in various departments. Still today many Thanekars and Marathi Manus miss him badly and while talking to him they start crying.



Anand Dighe
Anand  Dighe


Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb:


When in the 1980s he started Dahi Handi at Tembi Naka, Navratra Festival, Ganpati Festival, and many other religious things, people started admiring him. Soon he also solved the issue of Haji Malang Gad and after it, people started calling it Shri Malang Gad.  Malang Gad Andolan was National News at that time.

In his time Thane’s Shivjayanti Festival was well famous in Maharashtra State.

For these reasons and very extremist about the Hindu Religion people started witnessing him by the legendary title of “Dharmaveer”.

Anand Dighe Business

He was interested in the Construction business and owned some Hotels. Also, he was close to Raj Thackeray so much. People say that they both also own some businesses together(It’s not verified). Young Raj Thackeray was seen many times with Dighe Saheb.

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Anand Dighe and Balasaheb Thackeray:


  • Both shared a Father-Son duo. There were about a 23 years age difference between them. Dighe saheb was always loved by Balasaheb and he blindly trusted Dighe when it comes to Thane.
  • If we go through the election phase Balasaheb used to take the same Sabhas as he did in Mumbai. No doubt the foundation of Shivsena in Thane was done by Balasaheb himself but Sena was spread and roots were made strong by Dighe saheb. 

Ram Mandir and Dighe Saheb:


He was the first person in India to send a silver stone to the ram mandir in India. His silver stone sent at that time is also used today for building ram mandir.  He was a strong supporter of creating the Ram Mandir. ❤❤❤

He did many campaigns and rallies in support of Ram Mandir. It is still unknown whether he was there in the Ayodhya while the demolition of the Babri masjid. Also soon after the demolitions when tensions arise in Mumbai and bomb blasts he and Balasaheb handled those matters single-handedly. 

Even Muslims of Thane supported Shivsena due to Anand Dighe. Also voted for them multiple times.

His Students:

His created many karyakarta from simple normal family. Those include today’s Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde, Rajan Vichare(MP), Prakash Paranjpe, Dadaji Bhuse and many more.  Even  today many new generation students get inspired by him join politics and serve Maharashtra.




Shivsena always supported the word Mumbai and was against Bombay. If you go through old Marathi movies before 1995 then also you will get calling capital as Mumbai only. 


When Shiv Sena came to power in Maharashtra they changed the name of the capital to MUMBAI. The Mumbai name was given behind the local goddess Mumba Devi. Also Marathi’s name AAI came into it. Bombay was a Portuguese general name and also included a bomb word in it.

Dighe was a strong supporter of the name MUMBAI.

Personality-Body Language:


  • He was small by height around 5.5 and weighed around 65- 70 kgs. He was fair and his walking style was quite amazing. He never liked to give speeches like Balasaheb but stayed with people and away from the stage and media.
  • His working style was so often that when he got deeper into his work he used to call the Mayor, Municipal commissioner, MPs, MLAs, and corporate of thane and scold them in front of the public. But only his motto was to work for people.
  • Wrong people from Thane used to fear him very much and good people idolized him as a god.
  • Believe me, India has up to 10k District heads of all parties. But he is the only 1 in India who is recognized and treated god by people, even his opponents after his death.
  • If we go today to Thane we will see his photos in the shops and homes of Thanekar.




  • The biggest and only controversy that he faced was when he was arrested by TADA. Allegations were for murdering Shivsena corporate Sridhar Khopkar. Many say that Sridhar Khopkar voted for congress in the mayor elections so Shiv Sena candidates lost. 
  • He was on bail till his death in 2001. When he was in jail the whole thane district was closed for 3 days when Dighe himself told to open thane. His supporters used to write letters with blood to him when he was in jail. 
  • When he opposed T Chandrashekhar in his work of road construction there was a huge controversy. He opposed saying where will poor people go. At last, Chandrashekhar went to Balasaheb, and then the problem was solved.


Anand Dighe Family


He never married and lived a single Life. He used to say that I had given my whole life to Shivsena and Marathi Manus.

He had a brother who was married. They have a son named Kedar Dighe who is in politics today from the Shivsena party.

He runs a small organization name Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Pratishan.


His legacy


  • It’s been 20 years today and he is no more. But if you go through regions in Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Navi Mumbai, and Kalyan Dombivli there is not a single person who doesn’t know him.
  • People still today love him and his Birth and death anniversary are celebrated the same as Balasaheb.
  • Many schools, colleges, roads, bridges, and malls his names are given.
  • People still love to call him by his names like Guruvarya and Dharmaveer. His students who went on to become Mp Mla and Minister include Eknath Shinde, Pratap Sarnaik, Jitendra Awad, and Ranjan Vichare.
  • In 2019 when the oath ceremony was taking place Cabinet Minister Eknath Shinde took his name while taking the oath as a cabinet minister. Thanekar’s literally cried after watching it.


Anand Dighe Movie

There is a movie to come on Anand Dighe’s life soon. The movie is made by great Marathi director Pravin Tarde and Dighe saheb’s role is played by Marathi Actor Prasad Oak.

The movie might be released by 2023 end. If anything new updates will come we will update you. Please stay updated.


Dharmaveer Movie Key Points.

  1. He was never against all Muslims, but those Muslims who used to be extremists.
  2. His huge fan following among Thane People.
  3. He was the reason for to spread of Shivsena in various parts of Maharashtra.
  4. He gave justice to women who faced problems in society.
  5. He started many festivals in Thane and made it large.
  6. He helped many revolutionary people develop Thane and nearby parts for employment.
  7. His followers burned the whole hospital where he was admitted.
  8. He helped many good businessmen to change Thane.
  9. People who got helped from him still haven’t forgotten him.
  10. Other party people used to also loved him alott.

Anand Dighe Death


On 24 August 2001 while coming from Nashik Thane highway St bus hit his car. That time days were of Ganesh Festival. Soon he was admitted to Singhania Hospital where Dr said his leg was fractured.


After 2 days on 26 Aug, at 7 pm there was 1st heart attack came and after 10 minutes 1 more heart attacks came and he died.


After his death, the Shiv Sena supporters became out of control and destroyed the total hospital. His followers also attack bus stands railways and public places.


Vijaypath Singhania head of the Hospital was so angry and demanded a refund from Shivsena.


Police could not take action as also many common Marathi manus were part of the crowd.


Total more than 7 days thane district was closed. His funeral was not attended by Balasaheb Thackeray which was the biggest news of that time.


There were more than 5-6 lakh people who attended his funeral including the people of Marathwada and Kokan.


Source: Youtube


Anand Dighe


His death is still a mystery and many other leaders claim that it was just an accident shown. Also, he had a very bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Politicians like Nilesh Rane directly claimed it was a different thing that was the reason for his death.


As he was becoming famous and gaining more power, it would be very difficult for Uddhav to handle it.

In 2020 MNS Leader Avinash Jadhav demanded to build his big statue in Thane as what is built in Mumbai of Balasaheb. Also, all Thanekars have supported his move.


This was all about Anand Dighe’s life story and short biography of Dharmaveer Anand Dighe. 

Thanks for reading till the end. If you really like and loved our article please share it with everyone.


Jay Hind, Jay Maharashtra.

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