Important Case Study on [Types of Forest in India]

Types of forest in India:-  Forests are an important vital part of everyone life as it provides many resources to us, which we used from thousands of years freely.   It has become part of humans life. So today we will discuss the main topic of Geography i.e “Types of forest in India“. India has … Read more

List of [Rivers in India] with Origin, Tributaries, Basin, Length

List of rivers in India Rivers play an important role in human life for agriculture and basic human needs.    Today we will discuss one of the main topic of Geography i.e List of rivers in India. India, the most diversified country in the world has more than 20 major rivers on its land. Play … Read more

Census of 2011

Census of 2011  According to historians somewhere between 800 – 600 BC ‘Rigveda Period‘ the population count used to be taken, which was actually started in 1872, while total complete census was taken in year 1881. Today we will discuss the complete Census of 2011. The British general were disciplined officials who used to keep … Read more

World’s Biggest Continent :- ASIA

World’s Biggest Continent:- ASIA  Stretching from the frozen Arctic to the equator, Asia is the World’s Largest Continent. It is also a continent of extremes, containing the World’s highest point, Mount Everest, as well as it’s lowest, the Dead Sea. China has the World’s greatest population, while Asia’s largest country, the Russian Federation, extends into … Read more

Punjab – History, Geography, Economy, Symbols, Census

Punjab – History, Geography, Economy, Symbols, Census Punjab is the heart of the Indian Sikh community as more than half the population is Of Sikkim. Punjab is the state in Northern India.  It is the 20th largest Indian state by area with 2,77,04,236 people living there according to the 2011 census. The state covers an area … Read more