Ultimate Guide on [PANCHAYAT RAJ OF INDIA] Like A Pro

Panchayat Raj of India ?? Panchayat Raj of India is the most important topic in the Country of India. India has a Unitary plus Federal structure in it. Also, its Constitution is not rigid nor flexible. Panchayat Raj of India was firstly introduced by British Viceory General Lord Ripon.    Play GK Quiz and Earn … Read more

Directives Principles of State Policy of India :-

Directives Principles of State Policy of India:- It is the non-justiciable and non-enforceable Principles made in the Indian Constitution, also blueprint made by Constitution makers to suggest Govt include some main points while Working.    It is included in Part IV from Articles 36 to 51. It was adopted from the Irish Constitution, while the … Read more

Know about 【Fundamental Rights in India】

Fundamental Rights in India / Six categories of Fundamental Rights   The Fundamental Rights are included in Part 3 of the Constitution from Articles 12 to 35.   Constitution developers got inspired by America (i.e Bill of Rights). From there fundamental rights in India were taken.   Fundamental Rights are best as it has not … Read more

Do you know all fundamental duties to be followed

All fundamental duties Tags: fundamental duties, fundamental rights, and duties, 11 fundamental duties, article 51a, fundamental duties in Hindi, fundamental duties of Indian citizen, fundamental duties article.   Currently, an ongoing Pandemic disease, Covid-19 has attacked our nation too, and therefore we had got many guidelines or rules to be followed by the govt of India. So here I have come with … Read more

How difficult was [Making of Indian constitution]

Short Note on Making of Indian Constitution   Tags: short note on making of Indian constitution, short note on making of Indian constitution pdf, write a short note on making of Indian constitution, write a short note on the making of Indian constitution.   When did the process of making of Indian Constitution begin?   It was in 1934 … Read more