President of India

Election of the President of India and dignity of the office   The most prestigious post in India’s democratic and constitutional system is that of the President of India.  But, the way politics is happening in the last few days about the presidential election, the dignity of this post has been reduced.  The President of … Read more

Learn about [Powers of High Court] in 10 Minutes

Powers of High Court. ?? High Courts are the 2nd Important Judiciary stage of India and the highest in State. It operates below the Supreme Court but enjoys many powers, so today we will overview the powers of high court.This is the main topic respective to Indian Polity for UPSC Exam and other state services. In … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to [Supreme Court of India]

Supreme Court of India:      We all know the Indian Constitution was made by learning 60 countries’ Constitution. So unlike western countries’ rules,  India too has its Judicial system with the  Supreme Court at the top and high courts below it followed by district courts. So today we will have the Ultimate Guide to the Supreme … Read more

Amendment of the Constitution

Amendment of the Constitution:- Today we will discuss thoroughly the important topic of Indian Polity i.e ‘Amendment of the Constitution‘. Let’s move to some basic information on the Indian Constitution. It has a Preamble, 25 parts, 12 schedules, 5 appendices, 448 articles, and 101 amendments written in about 145000 words. So here the part is … Read more

Preamble of Indian Constitution

Preamble of Indian Constitution Every country has its own Constitution to make rules in their country.    Constitution has the basic identity known as Preamble. So today we will discuss here the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. If we overlook History then we come to know that America was 1st country to have a preamble. After … Read more