Know 11 Jan – 17 Jan weekly current affairs

Weekly Current Affairs 

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We all know how important is current affairs in UPSC and all Indian govt exams. So from this article, you will learn current affairs about 11 Jan – 17 Jan week.

This article had covered all the important things which took place in India or internationally. Let’s see them separately by each day.

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11 January 2020

1. Recently Ved Mehta died who is he?

Autobiography writer 

2. Lithium Alkaline metal found in which district of Karnataka?

Madhya District 

3. Who is appointed as a first American Indian As a First chief information officer of the Army of which Country?


4. Who hosted the Taliban and Libya sanction committee and Counterterrorism Committee Of UNSC?


5. ‘Pioneer‘ is a program of which Country?


6. The president of India has promulgated an ordinance to merge officers of which cadre with AGMUT cadre?

Jammu and Kashmir 

7. Country First Solar electric RoRo service?


8. Period Room initiative is in which state corporation?

Thane Municipal corporation 

9. Which is the first state to launch Vans to test soil and water to provide remedies?


10. Which country defaulted on Brics Bank also known as (New development Bank)


Digital Information

12 January 2020

1. What is meliponiculture?

Stingless bee 

2. Which national park is the best in management effective evaluation report released by Prakash Javedkar?

Tirthan wildlife sanctuary and great Himalayan sanctuary 

3. Single window clearance portal launch for which portal?

Coal sector 

4. What is IREDA?

Indian Renewables energy development agency Ltd. comes under the Ministry of new and renewable energy.

5. Embassy of which Country has appointed an honorary counsel in the north-eastern region?


6. Which Indian organization is to raise 1 lakh crore through asset monetization?

NHAI national highways authorities are limited.

7. Which high-value metal discovered in Arunachal Pradesh by the geological survey of India?


8. India did Bilateral cooperation for hydrocarbon and steel sector with which Country?


9. Now heavy snowfall is also considered as a natural calamity in which union territory of India?

Jammu and Kashmir 

weekly current affairs

13 January 2020

1. What is the theme for the national youth parliament festival?

Channeling youth for national development.

2. Nishtha and Diksha is the initiative of which ministry?

Ministry of education 

3. Bhraman Sarathi buses are the initiative of which state?


4. Who is the chief guest on 26 January 2021?

Suriname president Chandrika prasad sonakhi

5. DRDO handover landing gear system for an unmanned aerial vehicle to which force?

Indian navy

6. Sea vigil-21 related to which force?

Indian navy 

7. What is khadi prakritik paint?

Eco-Friendly paint made with cow dunk 

8. 2GB Free data card is initiative of which state for the student to attend online class?

Tamil Nadu 

9. Road safety month?

18 January to 17 February 

15 January 2020

1. Indian Army day is on?

15 January in 2021 we have celebrated 73rd Army day 

2. Heritage Conservation Committee Comes under which ministry?

Ministry of housing and urban affairs

3. The US named which Country as a state sponsor of terrorism?


4. Niti aayog is partnered with which ECommerce platform to launch woman entrepreneurship platform?


5.The Financial Stability Report is released by?

Reserve bank of India 

6. Bureau of energy efficiency is a statutory body under which ministry?

Ministry of power 

7. Who approves women to read the gospel in church?

Pope Francis 

8. This year’s budget has presented the form of?

paperless budget 

9. India 1st fire park is situated in which city of India?


16 January 2020

1. Sulawesi Cave painting found in which Country?


2. 2021-25 Mice Tourism policy of which state?


3. Cannabis cafe is the shop is situated in which city?


4. Pakistan gives license to Dubai royals to kill which bird in their territory?

Houbara Bustard 

5. Air taxi service is started in which state by whom?

In Haryana air service between Chandigarh and Hisar inaugurated by Cm of Haryana Manoharlal khatar .

6. Asmi machine pistol?

It is Indian made 9mm pistol.

7. Faceless penalty center is an initiative of ministry?

Ministry of finance for taxpayers 

 17 January 2020

1. Indian Army to recruit as a pilot for the first time in which Corps of service?

Army aviation corps 

2. Which ministry geotags all the property owned by the waqf board?

Ministry of minority affairs 

3. Seeking US dollar 1.3billion for which Country affected by war?


4. Rushikulay beach is situated in which state?


5. India new foreign trade policy will come into effect from 

April 1, 2021 

6. Who became the CEO of intel?

Patel Singer 

7. As per the report which Country has the most powerful passport?


India Ranks at 83


Here I had explained weekly current affairs of 11 Jan to 17 Jan in One-liner. If you have any doubt do ask in the comment section.

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