Know 18 Jan – 24 Jan weekly Current affairs

Weekly Current Affairs (18-24 January)

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Hello, aspirants, we all know how important are weekly current affairs for UPSC and other Govt Exams. So this article will provide you value. One-liner current affairs of the week (18 Jan 24 Jan) are given here.
Plz read patiently and note down in your notebook. Also, you can bookmark the article.

18 January Current Affairs 

1. NASSCOM has partnered with which state AI mission to launch an innovation factory?
2. A Mars digger probe named the Mole satellite has now died. Which Country use to own it?
3. Ice stupa swasthya portal and prayas dashboard come under which ministry?
Ministry of tribal affairs 
4. India’s first driverless metro cars made by?
5. Star streak Air defense system owned by which Country?
United kingdom 
6. Google has removed personal loan applications from which Country as per RBI guidelines?
7. World health organization scientists enter in which country to probe the source of coronavirus?

19 January Current Affairs

1. National Institute of science communication and policy research comes under which organization.
2. The LCA Tejas is manufactured by which organization?
Hindustan aeronautics limited.
3. Who is selected as a personality of the year?
Biswajit Chatterjee 
4. Who is the author of The commonwealth of cricket?
Ramchandra Guha 
5. Bhadravati Rapid action force related to which state and comes under which force?
CRPF and related to Karnataka state 
6. Which Indian union minister was conferred with the Sahitya Gaurav Samman?
Ramesh pokhriyal Nishank’
7. Cornwell the host of this year’s G7 Summit situated in which country?
United kingdom 
8. Mahananda wildlife sanctuary bird festival celebrated in which state? 
West Bengal 
9. The most expensive Comic book art in history is?
Tin Tin 
10. How much fund is contributed by the Prime minister in the startup India seed fund? 
1000 crores 
11. Who became the chief of RBL bank?
Vishwavur Ahuja 
12. Who became the 46th president of the USA?
Joseph R.biden jr.
13. Who is elected as president of the UN right council?
Nazhat shameen khan from Fiji 
weekly current affairs

 20 January Current Affairs

1. Vaccine Maitri?
 India provides a free corona vaccine to Bhutan.
2. Who is the prime minister of Bhutan?
Lotay Tshering 
3. Who is the head of Instagram?
Adam Mosseri 
4. Who is Twitter’s CEO?
Jack Dorsey 
5. One school one IAS is the initiative of which state?
6. The first state to decide MSP?
7. Bike ambulance Rakshita developed by which organization for whom?
Developed by DRDO for CRPF to carry wounded soldiers.
8. Dragon fruit name changed by which state? 
Gujarat new name Kamalam 
9. What is the current levy on digital service tax?
10. Who is the most innovative state and union territory as per NITI aayog index?
Delhi is on top in the union territory 
Delhi is also top in the state 

21 January Current Affairs

1. Kalrav bird festival celebrated in which state?
2. Which country has withdrawn its 300 military instructors from the central African republic?
3. Who is the winner of the Thailand Open badminton tournament?
Viktor Axelsen and Caroline Marin 
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4. Manohar Parikar off the record book Author name 
Woman Subha Prabhu 
5. The gabha where ICC world test championship win by India in last 32 years 
6. Star MF plus a platform for its clients launched by Bombay stock exchange 
7. Davos agenda online event of which organization?
World economic forum 
8. Where Red Panda species found?
Near slang river in Arunachal Pradesh 
9. January 23 is celebrated as?
Prakaram Divas as in the occasion of 125 birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 

22 January Current Affairs

1. In which train the concept of pushpull mode is installed the first time?
Rajdhani express 
2. Chabahar port is situated in which country?
3. Oncologist related to which disease?
4. Gorewada International zoo is renamed as?
Balasaheb Thackeray Situated in Nagpur 
5. Avalokana Software launched by which state?
6. National disaster response force day is celebrated when?
19 January
NDRF director general is SN pradhan 
7. Doorstep delivery of ration is started by which state?
8. LIC’s new managing director?
Siddarth Mohanty 
9. In which state science city is going to develop?
Tepesa in Assam 
10. National logistics policy related to which ministry?
Ministry of commerce and industry 
11. Howrah Kalka mail renamed as?
Netaji express in in honor of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 
12. Indian military team visit to which Country for know-how techniques of  S-400 Air defense system?
13. Submarine rescue support agreement happens between which Country?
India and Singapore 
14. Which state is on No.1 in managing  Human solid waste?
  • 23 Jan is an important day in History as well as for weekly current affairs. 

23 January Current Affairs 

1. Who is the author of The Population Myth Islam family planning and politics in India?
2. India stands on which position as per global firepower ‘2021 military strength ranking?
India is in 4th position 
3. Where is the headquarters of the UN human rights council?
Geneva in  Switzerland 
4. Which bank launched Aura cards?
Axis bank 
5. Vaccine gesture as a hanuman Ji carrying sanjeevani posted by which Country?
6. What is ASEAN?
Association of Southeast Asian nation 
7. India Africa trade council 2021 inaugurated in which India state?
Chennai(Tamil Nadu) 
8. Who is the Managing director of SBN bank?
Siddharth Rath 
9. Unnikrishnan Namboothiri died recently. Who is he?
Malayalam Actor 
10. Who gives the prime Minister National Child award 2020?
Ramnath Govind 
11. Which state made it mandatory to read the constitution preamble after morning prayer in all schools?
12. Who is the author of A Textbook of Urban Planning and geography?
Sameer Sharma 
13. Who is the first woman vice president of the USA?
Kamala Harris 49th vice president of USA 
The reason for writing weekly one-liner article is it helps you understand and memorize properly. Hope it is helping you a lot.

24 January Current Affairs

1. On which day DRDO day is observed?
1st January 
2. Which state amended the bill for retired judges are also eligible for the post of Lokayukta?
3. Which organization releases books on fecal sludge and septage management in urban areas?
Niti aayog 
4. What are the joint military exercises done by the Indian Army Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, and Coast guard?
Exercise Kavach 
5. On which bank RBI imposed a penalty of 2 crores?
Standard Chartered Bank 
6. Indian who is going to receive the Nelson Mandela world humanitarian Award?
Ravi Gaikwad 
7. Which state has India’s first childfriendly police station?
Dalanwala police station 
8. Who Runs Indian Science Channels?
Vigyan Prasar 
9. Grayest partnered with which bank in India to access quality education for students by providing financial assistance?
SBN bank 
10. Which country PM resigned from their post for not controlling Covid 19?
Mongolian Prime minister Ukhaa khurelsukh 
11. National skill development corporation partnered with which university to provide digital skills for students?
California State university


This week many new appointments took place. Also, some memorable steps were taken in States like Maharashtra and Kerala.

In this article, we had given weekly current affairs in one-liner form. If you like this article plz share it with your friends and help us GROW.

Thank You and JAY HIND…..!!!!


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