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Current Affairs 24-31 January 

24 January 

1. Which state amended its bill to appoint a retired judge as Lokayukta?


2. The ministry of commerce and industry is to partner with which ministry for the fastest movement of goods?

Ministry of housing and urban 

3. Which organization releases a book on”faecal Sludge and septage Management in urban areas?

NITI aayog 

Chairperson by Default Prime minister 

4. Which country has decided to pause oil and gas leasing in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife refuge?


5. What is Exercise Kavach?

Military exercise-joint exercise of all three forces Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and Indian Army held in Andaman and Nicobar island 

6. Socioeconomic Survey report of which state and union territory released recently?


7. RBI imposed a penalty of Rs. 2crore on which bank?

Standard Bank 

8. Which Indian is awarded Nelson Mandela World humanitarian Award?

Ravi Gaikwad 

9. Name of India’s first child-friendly police station?

Dalanwala police station 

10. Indian Science Channel Runs by which organization?

OTT Vigyan Prasar

11. Theme of Indian Digital Summit 2021

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Start of a new decade 

25 January 

1. Who became the One-day chief minister of Uttarakhand?

Sristi Goswami

2.  25 January is observed as the foundation day of which state?

Uttar Pradesh

on this day Award named UP, Gaurav Samman launched by the Uttar Pradesh government 

3. Which state is going to build a Multi-Modal Logistics Park (India Largest)in association with Adani groups?


4. Jammu and Kashmir Approved the adoption of  Which policy for 10 years?

Land allotment policy 

5. Which web company helps in implementing a new education policy in Madhya Pradesh?


6. New species of Ant discovered in Kerala and Tamil Nadu?

Ooceraea Joshi 

7. Who is the writer of Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world?

Farzeed Zakaria 

8. 1776 Commission Report Related to which Country?


9. Statehood day is celebrated in Meghalaya, Manipur Tripura on which day?

January 21 

10. Hawk-1 platform Related to Company?

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited 

11. Risa traditional wear of which state is going to become a national brand under Indian handloom brand?


26 January 

1. Mascrade 2021 is the initiative of which institution?


2. Which country releases a report Related to food security?

United nation 

3. Which Indian awarded with Business standard Banker of the year?

Shyam Srinivasan 

4. This year we have celebrated which Republic day?

In 2021 76th republic Day is celebrated 

5. What is the total no. of Padma Bhushan is distributed in 2021?


6. Which transgender is awarded Padma Bhushan?

Matha B.Manjamma Joyoti 

7. Bilateral air exercise is performed by Indian Air Force within the country?

France Airforce named French Air and space 

8. Who won the subhash chandra bose Aapda prabandhan puraskar 2021?

Dr.Rajendra Kumar Bhandari 

9. Which company launched 143 satellites in a single launch?

SpaceX owned by Elon musk 

10. As per London Partner Report Which Indian City Emerged as the world’s fastest-growing mature tech Ecosystem?

Bengaluru No.1 in India 

globally 6th Rank  

Mumbai on 2nd 

weekly current affairs

27 January 

1. National Girl child day is celebrated on which day?

24 January 

2. Amit shah chair 69th plenary meeting of the northeastern council in which state?

Meghalaya Shillong 

3. Which countries’ Armed forces take part in the Republic day parade on the 50th year of independence of their own country?


4. Jail tourism initiative of which state?

Maharashtra government initiative for yerawada jail 

5. Who became the USs first woman treasure Secretary?

Jannet Yellen 

6. Ayushman Scheme is implemented for which forces of India?

For all forces comes under Central Armed police forces 

7. Who inaugurated FICCIs 7th edition of MASQUERADE theme was (Movement against smugglers counterfeit Trade)2021?

Dr. Harsh Vardhan 

8. Book “India 2030:Rise of Rajasic Nation a collection of essays Authored & edited by whom?

Gautam chikermane 

9. 19 A meeting of the joint steering committee was held between India and which country?


10. Udyam Sarathi Mobile application is launched for youth bg which state?

Uttar Pradesh 

11. Theme of Nationals Voter day 2021?

Making our voters (Empowered) Vigilant safe and informed 

29 January 

1. Operation sard Hawa is launched by which Armed Force?

BSF Border Security Force 

2. Theme of National Tourism day 2021 celebrated on 25 January?

Dekho Apna Desh 

3. Which country Revealed the “Draft Arctic policy”?


4. Which country is on NO.1 Current Account Surplus?


5. Name of India’s longest freight Train?


Runned by Southeast Central Railways 

6. Who is Re-elected as president of Portugal for 2nd term?

Marcelo Rebelo de sousa 

7. Indias longest steel bridge is going to be constructed in which state?

Meghalaya Name of the bridge is Wahrew Bridge 

8. Which country hosted the virtual international climate adaptation summit?

Named as AS online 2021 Hosted by Netherland 

9. Who won Padma Vibhushan After death?

SP balasubramaniam and Narendra singh kapani 

10. UN appointed which economist to the 2nd term in a high-level advisory board on economic and social affairs?

Jayanti Ghosh 


1. Who is the 1st female fighter jet pilot to be part of the Indian Airforce tableaux?

Bhawana Kanth 

2. PM of which country resigned after losing the Senate majority?

Giuseppe Conte 

3. DRDO successfully Conducted a test of which missile?

Akash-New generation Missile 

It is a surface to air missile 

4. As per IMF and FICCI Report contract Rate of GDP in the Indian economy?


5. Which insurance company launched a Krishi Sakha app for Indian farmers?

Bharti A×A general insurance.

6. On which day international Customs day is celebrated?

26 January.

7. Which state has the highest number of women in their police force?

Bihar police 20% woman workforce 

8. Sahibal Gupta died on 29 January who is he?

Social Scientist and founder of Asian Development Research Institute.

9. Oscar winner(Actor) Cloris Leachman dies at age of 94

10. New MDs of SBI?

Ashwani Kumar Tewari and Swaminathan Janaki Raman 

31 January 

1. India procure 21-MIG-29s and 12 Sukhoi-30 MKTS from which Country?


2. Foreign direct investment increases in India in the Fiscal year 2020?


3. Navodaya app launched by Karnataka government for which category of people?

For old people who have attained the age of 60 for old-age pension 

4. E-Magazines Name ‘Shauryavaan’ releases by which Ministry?

Ministry of defense 

5. Government planning to impose Tax on polluting the vehicle?

Green Tax

6. As per Tata Trust Report which state held the top spot for justice delivery?


7. Who is the MD and CEO of Dhan Laxmi bank?

JK shivan 

8. What rank India held in a scientific publication?

Rank = 3

9. Which state won the best national best electoral practices Award 2020?

New Delhi 

10. What Rank India held as per the Corruption perceptions index?

86 Rank 

1st position is held by Newzealand and Denmark.

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