Know all about United Nations

Know all about the United Nations

United Nations after World War 2 

It was founded right after World War 2 same as League of Nations after World War 1 for many reasons taken forward. The primary reason was for International Peace in the World as in both wars World lost many things just due to communist ideology, 2nd reason was promoting the Social and Economic development, and last but not least with my point of view was to promote Human Rights and let people live a good and healthy life.

 The members count that time was 51 with today having 193. The latest member was last added in 2011 was Sudan. United Nations has headquarters in NewYork.

History of United Nations:-

After War countries were totally devasted as they just need peace as humans need Oxygen. 50 countries gather in San Francisco were signed the Treaty – UN Charter and it led to the formation of the United Nations. The charter was signed on 26 June 1945 with 50 countries present later on Poland signed it after some days the 51st country to join the United Nations. The charter which convert into an organization known as the United Nations came to existence on 24 Oct 1945. United Nations was a forerunner of League of Nations itself.

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League of Nations:- 

The organization made after World War conceive after the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919. It also promoted International cooperation and achieve peace and security. International Labour Association was also created with the Treaty of Versailles as an affiliate organization of the League of Nations. League of Nations was not much better result as United Nations got because they couldn’t stop World War 2, and in History, it will be just looked at as Flopped Organization, well but they tried there best to prevent World War 2 for about 20 years.

United Nations 

The name United Nations was coined by US President Frankin Roosevelt, First, it was used on 1 Jan 1942 was original logo was created in the year 1945. There are official six languages of the United Nations English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian. United Nations has some Sub organizations all formed in 1945 were Trust ship Council, General Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat, International trust of Justice, and Economic and Social Council. Let’s see in deep one by one all sub-organization.

1) General Assembly:-

 The main deliberative is policy Making an official representative of the United Nations. Here all 193 members represent the Assembly. It is located in NewYork and meets every September. The main moto is electing the General Assembly head or President to run the Organization. Membership of the United States is acquired by the decision of the General Assembly by recommendation of the Security Council. The decision is done of 2/3 rd majority basis of peace, security admission of new members, and budgets. For the simple majority, power is of seating arrangements in assembly. In 2019 – 2020 Ghana occupied 1st position. The 1st general assembly meeting was held in London.

2) Security Council:- 

To maintain international peace and security. Keeps focus on the existence of peace remains or any aggression occurs in the future or not. It is located in New York with a total of 15 members in it. The President changes every month by rotation. From 15 there are 5 permanent and 10 temporary members, where each has 1 vote right. The permanent 5 members belong to the US, UK, Russia, China, and France. Any member can participate in discussion in Council but when the council considers his value to participation and will affect more in peace.

3) Economic and Socio Council:-

It is basically the platform made for sustainable development for the world so that the coming generation Doesn’t have the resources problem will live a healthy life. It works in a 3-dimensional form of sustainable development i.e social, economic, and environmental. It is responsible for the follow up of the summit and meeting held there. It has headquarters in NewYork with 54 members overlapping every 3 years.

4) Trusteeship Council:- 

It was formed to provide International supervision to 11 territories. Also, it has to promote the advancement of self-government.
Trust territory:- Non-self-government organization under administrative governance of Trusteeship Council of UN. By it’s the resolution adopted on 25 May 1994 stopped its works on a daily basis and to have meeting when needed most. On 1 Nov 1994 Trusteeship Council suspended it’s operation when Palau got Independence.

5) International Court of Justice:-

Principal Judiciary Organ of UN. Its role is to settle a dispute between countries and have meeting also to give a good opinion for peace. It has a total of 15 judges elected by the UN also has a general assembly and security Council. It has a meeting at a peace place at Mague in the Netherlands. The interesting thing is that only an organization of the UN not located in the United Nations. Its official language is English and French. It is the successor of the Permanent Council of International Justice which was formed by Leagues of Nations in 1920.

UN Funds, Programmes, and other entities.

UN System is made of itself also some specialized agencies who have there own working body, budget. Created by the UN itself located San Francisco for problem-solving of Refugee, environment, and food scarcity. The funds and programs are declared by the resolution of the UN general assembly. UN funds and programs are supported by voluntary contributions.


United Nation Development Program. Date of formation:- 22 NOV 1965 and its headquarters is located in New York, USA. It has work to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities, and work on sustainable development.


United Nations Environment Programme. Its headquarters is located in Kenya and formed on 5 June 1972. This acts as a Catalyst, advocate, Educator for the Global Development.


United Nations Population Funds. It was formed in 1969 and has headquarters located in NewYork, USA. It works for population control in the country which has more density. It also works on reducing sex Ratio, maternal mortality rate, and infant mortality rate.

UN – Habit 

United Nations Human Settlement Programme. Its headquarters is located in Nairobi, Kenya. It was formed in 1978. It works on social and environmentally promoting Human Settlement and shelter for all.


United Nations International children and education funds. It was formed on 11 Dec 1946. It has headquarters in NewYork, USA. It works on helping children fulfill there dream also make them entrepreneurs and funding in education and health.


World food Program. It was formed on 19 Dec 1961. It has its headquarters located in Italy.

Specialized agencies of the United Nations:- 

This is an autonomous organization working with the United Nations. All into the UN with negotiating an agreement. Some organization was made before World War 1, some with league of Nations while many jointed with UN afterward. Some of the specialized agencies are FAO, ICAO, IMF, IAO, ITU, WIPO, WMO.


Food and Agriculture Organization. Its headquarters is located in Roman, Italy. It was formed on 16 Oct 1945. FAO works on the fight to International Hunger.


International Civil Aviation Organization. It was formed on 4th April 1947. It is located in Canada. It works on Global Air Transport.


International Labour Organization. It was made on 19 Oct 1919 under League of Nations and headquarters at Geneva, Switzerland. To advance Socio-Economic justice through the International Labour Organization.


International funds for agriculture development. It was formed on 15 Dec 1977. It has headquarters at Rome, Italy. It worked on reducing Poverty, to eliminate malnutrition and hunger, to raise their productivity and income.

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