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Before we start our essay guide, first of all, I introduce myself, who I am, and why you trust us. Hey, my name is Ranjan by profession I have been a professional content writer and a poetry writer for the last 16 years.

On the other hand, I am the co-editor of the Indian Paradise. Blog. In this tutorial, I will share with you my first experience with a stage essay with different word variations, including 150 words, 200 words and many more.

I remember that day when I am in class 8th; I go to the Stage for the first time. At that time, my legs were shocked because I was going to the location for the first time. Through my experience, I will write this essay exceptional for students.

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My First Experience On Stage Essay

My First Experience On Stage Essay

The day I started in 2002 when I was reading in the 8th class. That was Saraswati puja. , there are lots of competitions held in my school, including debate, speech, dance, singing, painting, writing, playing games and many more.

On the other hand, there are different kinds of classes students participate in the competition, including class 1 to class 10th. I participated in a debate competition at that time because at that time I loved to speak.

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The time was 11.45 AM O clock. When I go to the Stage for the first time to give a speech something about Saraswati puja. When I got to the Stage, I saw a lot of number people watching me. It was a memorable moment for me because I first time see this number of people in front of me.

I was very shocked and astonished because I did not see this number of people at a time. For this reason, I stay on the Stage silently for 5 to 10 minutes.

It is a common experience for all people, but seriously, it was the most memorable and surprising moment for me. I don’t able to speak a single word at that time. Because I am a timid guy, after passing some time, I talk about a word, and that is Hii Everyone, good morning. 

After saying this sentence, I started to speak the debate, which I practised before the competition. There are lots of seniors and juniors who also participated in this competition to get the trophy. But my intention is not to win the medal.

My intention was only to gain popularity in the school. As I already mentioned that I am shyness guy and a backbencher student. For this reason, I did not go to school and did not participate in any school functions.

I am trying to give a speech about Saraswati puja in front of all the school staff and all my school students. Slowly, slowly I started to give my speech. I don’t able to speak the speech clearly because it was my first experience on the Stage.

I did not go to the Stage before. When I saw the crowd of people who looked at me, I thought about who I was. Why am I still staying here? What I say and many more. Because I never see this number of people before. For this reason, I am very confused.

My legs and hands started shivering. I asked my teacher to give me some water because I was very nervous at that time. My teacher told me to be taking a rest for some after. After feeling good then, I go to the Stage to give a speech about “Saraswati Puja”.

Because of my teacher, I take some rest for 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes, I asked myself who I was. Why do I stay here? What was my intention? Why am I not able to speak any single word? Etc. There are a lot of questions I asked myself in these 30 minutes.

During these 30 minutes, I remember me speak, and I practice to give the speech. After passing 28 minutes, I stood off and went to my teacher to gain permission to go to the Stage again to give the speech.

Firstly, my teacher tells me to take a rest again. After taking a rest, you will go to the Stage. But this time, I requested my teacher to give me permission to go to the Stage. I also told my teacher, Mam, I practised a lot to offer the speech about this Saraswati puja.

After that, my teacher gives me permission to give the speech on the Stage. This is my last chance to prove myself and gain the respect which I lost In this Stage. When I stood in front of the mic, I took a long breath and started to speak the speech about the Saraswati puja festival.

I speak lots of things about Saraswati puja, including what is Saraswati puja? Why do we celebrate Saraswati puja? Who is Mata Saraswati? When was she born? And many more. My speech impressed all of the people who stayed at these functions. My juniors and my seniors are also inspiring me, and it is the best memorable moment for me. I did not forget this moment in my life. But the sad moment is that I do not archive the 1st position in this competition; I archive the second position.

But I am very happy because it is the first attempt in my life, and I archive the second position in this competition. The respect which I was lost in this moment I gained again.

The festival ended at 6.03 o clock. All the teaching staff and all our members take the meal, and finally, at seven o clock, we go back to our home.

It is the story of my first stage experience. I hope you like it.

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What You Do If You Go The Stage For The First Time? 

My First Experience On Stage Essay

If you are going to the Stage for the first time and you are very nervous about this, then we recommend you to listen to some soft music so that you feel better.

And take your time with what people say about you when you go to the Stage. If I think about this, then I won’t be able to archive the second position. Always remember who you are and why you are going to the Stage.

At that moment, there are lots of people who are looking at you. Don’t get nervous, and maintain your personality. It will help you a lot to increase your confidence.

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Who am I? 

Answer- My name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak, and by profession, I have been a professional content writer and a poetry writer for the last 16 years. I write lots of valuable essays and poetries for students.

Can I write this essay for my examination?

Answer- A single answer is yes. You can write this essay on your examination. For this reason, I am writing this essay for you.

How can I be confident when I speak on the mic?

Answer- I recommend that before speaking anything on the mic must, remember the topics and lines which you speak, and you can also speak those lines at your home in front of the camera. It will help you to increase your confidence.

Can I follow my senior’s advice when I go to the Stage for the first time?

Answer- Yes, it is a good idea. I also recommend you must follow your senior’s advice. Because they are your seniors, and they have a better experience than you. That’s why they teach you correctly.

Can I follow my teacher’s advice?

Answer- Yes, teachers always help us to archive success. I also recommend you must follow your teacher’s advice.

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