Which is the No. 1 State in India?

No.1 State in India.


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This question arises in every true Indian who loves his country. But frankly speaking, this question(No.1 state in India) is not that simple to ans also not that hard.

There are many parameters on which every state can be answered. Also, the size of the state,  population, and culture speak a lot. 

Eg. Maharastra and Rajasthan are hard to govern as they both have big populations and sizes. While States like Goa, Sikkim, Haryana, and Punjab are quite easy to govern compare to big States.


Basic parameters that are taken into consideration are HDIGDPGNPPPI, and PAC. Also crime,  terrorism, and women’s safety effects new developments and tourism. 


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So In this article today I will explain the No. 1 state in India? 


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Here are some states ranked On Study of Government and various Experts in a ranking of Top 3.


Top 3 States in terms of Economy 

1. Maharastra 

2. Tamil Nadu

3. Karnataka 


Top 3 States in terms of Infrastructure 

1. Gujarat 

2. Tamil Nadu 

3. Punjab 


Top 3 states in terms of Agriculture 

1. Punjab 

2. Haryana

3. Uttar Pradesh 


Top 3 States in terms of Education 

1. Kerala

2. Himachal Pradesh 

3. Tamil Nadu 


Top 3 states in terms of Health 

1. Jammu and Kashmir

2. Kerala

3. Himachal Pradesh 


Top 3 States in terms of Law and Order

1. Tamil Nadu 

2. Kerala 

3. Maharastra 


Top 3 States in terms of Governance 

1. Kerala

2. Rajasthan 

3. Maharastra 


Top 3 States in terms of Inclusive development 

1. Chattisgarh

2. West Bengal

3. Andhra Pradesh


Top 3 States in terms of Entrepreneurship 

1. Haryana

2. Karnataka 

3. Tamil Nadu 


Top 3 States in terms of Tourism 

1. Tamil Nadu 

2. Uttar Pradesh 

3. Maharastra

No.1 state in india


According to my studies here are the top states in India. 


  • Maharastra 
  • Kerala
  • Tamil Nadu 
  • Karnataka 
  • Gujarat
  • Punjab
  • West Bengal
  • Telangana


Experts are in favor and say Kerala is the best state in India. No doubt it is best but when it comes to various parameters, there are more than 20 parameters. And Kerala lacks in some points.


No state can come top in all those 20 parameters. 


There are some states like Kerala,  Punjab, and Maharastra which are developed in every part. If we take simple eg of all these 3 states rural people understand industrialization and basic English. 


Some Important Points of all States. 


Maharastra:- Industrialization 

Karnataka:- IT Sector 

Kerala:- Tourism 

Tamil Nadu:- Auto Sector 

Punjab and Haryana:- Agriculture 

Gujarat:- Primary Sector 

Madhya Pradesh:- Forest

Uttar Pradesh:- Milk and Sugar 

Jammu and Kashmir:- Tourism

No.1 state in india


If we overview on basis of the Overall economy and GDP then Maharastra and Tamil Nadu top.  But it’s unfair to compare them with small states as they have a big population which indirectly helps them top. 


So here GDP per capita would be right to check. Here Delhi and Kerala rank no.1.


So the conclusion here is Delhi and Kerala are financially strong including their people too. 


The fastest-growing GDP is of Andhra Pradesh,  which is about 16 %. 2nd rank is of Jammu and Kashmir. 


Let’s see another factor of Unemployment where the lowest Unemployment rate is of Karnataka of 0.9 according to 2015-2016 data. 


Human Development Index is the biggest and main Factor to understand the development of any State,  Nation, or City.  


It is measured on three parameters they are education, per capita, and health. Here Kerala tops no. 1 position while Delhi is 2nd. 


In terms of Sex ratio, there are only a few States and UTs where females are more than men. They are Kerala with a sex ratio of 1084 and Pondicerry with a sex ratio of 1032.


Now we will look towards the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index which measures what poverty there is. It checks on 10 basic daily life indicators. 


Kerala again ranks with the lowest no. 


In terms of electrification where we check how many homes get lights in the States, there Kerala and Andhra Pradesh top with 99 %. 


In terms of Forests, it is basic to know that all North Eastern states will top but here Mizoram is the best in all others with 90 % of the forest.


In terms of the Overall Environmental Index Arunachal Pradesh ranks no. 1 while Mizoram is 2nd. 


In terms of doing Business 1st rank is Gujarat and 2nd in Andhra Pradesh. 


In terms of crime rate, Kerala stands no 1 with about 455 cases per 1 lakh. You might get shocked by this but at least in Kerala cases are filed. 


In many states which has more crime, people don’t file cases and we think there is less crime.


In terms of infrastructure development which includes roads, transport, and many more which have Andhra Pradesh best and 2nd in Maharashtra.

No.1 state in india




According to my, there is no one state to be called as best. As India is a much-diversified country to live in and there is a different culture here. 


I had ranked and selected the Top 5 states for your question. They are ranked below as


1. Kerala

2. Maharastra 

3. Tamil Nadu 

4. Karnataka 

5. Punjab 


Also, Gujarat and West Bengal are the best States in India.

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