World War 1: Facts, Causes, Summary, Won

World War 1: Facts, Causes, Summary, Won

For more than four years, the world was engaged in a war of ferocity and scale never seen before. 

The fight known that time as the great war and today as World War 1, came out of economic, colonial, and military rivalry of European empires.

 The assignation in 1914s of empires Austria-Hungary were rivalry started badly. In the next few months, the big fights started in Europe, Africa, and Asia

By the End of the war, all the old Empire were destroyed and new World Power arose later known as the USA.

Date of War 

28 July 1914 – 11 Nov 1918
 ( 4 years….3 months and 2 weeks )



War was fought in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, The Pacific islands, China, the Indian Ocean, North and South Atlantic Ocean.

War was between Allied Powers VS Central Powers. Allied Powers had France, British Empire, Russia, Japan, the US, Italy, and Central Powers had Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire.

Western Front 

The German plan was to sweep through Belgium and Northern France to capture Paris and knock the French out of War within weeks. 

This plan was destroyed by the French army at River Marne. Both sides then dug lines of defensive trenches, which stretched from the English Channel to the Swiss Border, to protect their positions.

Eastern Fronts

The war in eastern Europe, between Germany and Austria-Hungary on one side, and Russia on the other, was more fluid than in the West.

Most battles were held in open country, across what is now Poland, and in the eastern Mediterranean. 


The war expanded into Asia when turkey attacked Russia at the end of 1914 and the allies launched the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign.

 Turkey also posted a threat in Syria and Palestine and so allied troops were sent from Egypt to defend the region.

Outbreak of War 

On 28 June 1914, the heir to the Austrian throne was killed in Serbia. Austria invaded Serbia, Russia came to Serbia’s aid, and Germany supported Austria. 


Fearing war on two fronts, Germany invaded Belgium and France. Britain then declared war on Germany.

The Civilian War 

The huge armies of World War 1 needed a massive force of backup workers to provide them with weapons, food, and other supplies. 


The entire civilian workforce was directed towards war work, producing arms and ammunition, growing food, and keeping industry and commerce going home while millions of soldiers fought at the front.

World War 

World War 1 was the first truly international war in History. People from every continent took part in the fighting.


 In Africa and Asia, the Turkish Empire and former German colonies were overrun by British Empire troops.

 There was also fighting in the Middle East and in the Pacific. The entry of the USA into the War in 1917 marked the end of European dominance of World Affairs.

War Art

The horrors of the War inspired painters and poets on both sides. The old romantic idea of war as a great cause was replaced by the realization of cruelty and destructive force. 


Many young artists and writers fought at the front such as British poet Wilfred Owen ( 1893 – 1918 ) were killed in the fighting.

End of the War

In mid -1918, fresh troops arrived to fight on the allied side, and there were increasing hunger and discontent among the German soldiers. 

The Allies broke through the German lines in August 1918. Austria-Hungary and Turkey collapsed in October, and allies finally forced Germany to make peace on 11 Nov 1918.

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