World War 2 :- Facts, Summary, Causes, Timeline, Participants, Date

World War 2:- Facts, Summary, Causes, Timeline, Participants, Date 

World War 2 is also known as the Global War or Total War. Global War or Total War was the so-called common man to suffered a lot and also participated in it. Some said Sino Japanese war of 1937 was the main reason for it.

Date of War:- 

Start :- Sep 1, 1939
End:- August 15, 1945


Two major power were Participating in this War. 1st one is Allied Power which included U.k, France, the USA, USSR, China and 2nd one is Axis Power which had Germany, Italy, Japan.

This was the time when India was a colony of Britishers so they go with Britishers like 1st World War, later kept them aside due to some Nationalist movements.


Causes of War:- 


1)Rise of Militarise in Japan:- 

At that time Japan was very perspective in increasing Its power in military strength and wanted dominance on the world was also the big reason for World War 2.

2) Treaty of Versailles:-

The Treaty of Versailles which ended World War 1, led to the start of World War 2 in less than 20 years. The biggest cause behind World War 2 was the great dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler.

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3) Imperialism:- 

At that time there was great competition between Britain and France to emerge as World Power and Ruled the World.


4)Rise of Nationalism and Dictatorship:-

Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy cause World War 2 due to their Dictatorship thinking which also brought them closer to each other. Due to military rule in Japan, they too participate in War.

5) Failure of League of Nation:-

 League of Nations was made after World war 1 to control the Situation and let peace remain in World. But soon it got flopped as in 1931 Japan conquer the part of China. They were unable to Stop Japan.

6) Irrational Boundaries:- 

German People lived in all parts of the country but due to Irrational boundaries, they thought of themselves as part of Germany.

7)Rise of Hitler and NAZI Party:-

NAZI Party means Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler started ruling through the name of the NAZI Party.

Some Important Years related to World War 2:- 

1933:- In German Adolf Hitler and NAZI Party started controlling the Country and converted it into a Dictatorship.

1936:- On 7 March 1936, German troops attacked Rhineland and defeated them brutally which was against the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations.

1938:- Austria and Slovakia were annexed by Germany. Germany signed the pact Molotov Ribbentrop’s which divided into 2 countries Poland. Was done to decrease the power of other countries and no big power would be established in front of Germany.

1939:- On Sep 1, 1939, Germany attacked Poland and the War Started here. Russia too attacked Poland and also acquired some territories Latvia, Lithuania.

1940:- Germany had plan B with them and the new technique in Battlefield known as “Blitskurg”. By using this new technique which was more dangerous they just destroyed Denmark and Netherland in less than 4 years.

10 June 1940:- Germany attacked France and also won Paris in just 5 Days.

27 Sep 1940:- Tripartite Pact was signed in Germany, Italy, and Japan. Till the end of 1940, Germany conquered Europe by winning Greece.

1941:- Germany attacked Russia. In 1941 Dec Japan attacked pearl harbor, 2509 troops were dead. Then a big decision was taken by the United States and the US entered the War. US and Japan fought for 2 years and the US free all Islands from Japan.

1942:- Allied Powers started dominating Axis Power.

29 April 1945:- Germany surrenders in War as they thought it was difficult for them now.

30 April 1945:- Hitler committed suicide but Japan still was fighting the War.

1945:- 6 Aug and 9 Aug USA drop Nuclear Bomb on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On 15 Aug 1945 Japan Surrendered.



1)Cold War still was continued between USSR and the USA. Cold was started from 1947 continued till 1991 also divided the world into 2 Parts they were NATO POWER and WARSAW PACT. Nato power was the USA and Warsaw Pact was Russia.

2)About 70 – 80 Million were dead in the cold War and Britain and France’s colonies got freedom.

3)UNO was formed, the United Nations Organization was formed which help no war happen again in World.

4) Formation of ISRAEL.

5)Communists vs Nationalist war was there where communists won and Taiwan was made.


1) Many people died in CRORES.

2) Development was back 2 -3 decades.

3)As of now technology has gone vast ahead if the next war happened it will be a nuclear war totally.

4) The economic crisis took place so much.

World war 2 facts causes



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