Gupta Empire:- Sensational History, Founder, Facts, Timeline, Art-4th Century

Gupta Empire

Gupta  Empire:- History, Founder, Facts, Timeline, Art and literature   History Overview At the beginning of the fourth century, India was made up of a number of separate kingdoms. In 320, Chandragupta 1, ruler of Magadha, who was named after the warlike Mauryan ruler, took over the neighboring kingdom to found the Gupta Empire. Under … Read more

World War 2 :- Facts, Summary, Causes, Timeline, Participants, Date

World War 2:- Facts, Summary, Causes, Timeline, Participants, Date  World War 2 is also known as the Global War or Total War. Global War or Total War was the so-called common man to suffered a lot and also participated in it. Some said Sino Japanese war of 1937 was the main reason for it. Date … Read more

World War 1: Facts, Causes, Summary, Won

World War 1: Facts, Causes, Summary, Won For more than four years, the world was engaged in a war of ferocity and scale never seen before.    The fight known that time as the great war and today as World War 1, came out of economic, colonial, and military rivalry of European empires.  The assignation … Read more


Moderate and Extremist Period   Tags: moderate period, period of moderates, the period of moderates was, extremist period   Moderate Period (1885 – 1905)   The time period was 1885 – 1905. It starts with the formation of INC in 1885 with the help of British official Lord Dufferin.   1st president was W.C.Banerjee in Mumbai(Bombay). 2nd President was … Read more