How to fix bugs in Power BI Report?

Following are ways to fix bugs in our power bi report:

  • Check whether new incremental data was loaded properly or not.
  • Check Modelling properly and its all relationship. Try to build it again.
  • Check all measures properly and DAX in it.
  • Check the Calendar table and date column for a min to max date and also if any filter is applied in the data view.
  • Check if any filters is passed on the page.(Slicer)
  • Also, check Power Query transformations whether are applied properly. Especially check the data types of all columns again.
  • Build that Visual again which has issues.
  • Also, check settings in Options & Settings.
  • Check companies server and is VDI Working properly.
  • Data error can be at the DB side or directly data that came from the client is wrong or having errors. ====== MOST IMPORTANT =======

    Watch this Videos to understand more about it.

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