World War 1: Facts, Causes, Summary, Won

World War 1: Facts, Causes, Summary, Won For more than four years, the world was engaged in a war of ferocity and scale never seen before.    The fight known that time as the great war and today as World War 1, came out of economic, colonial, and military rivalry of European empires.  The assignation … Read more

Maharashtra – Know your State

Maharashtra  Maharashtra is a state at Western Side located at Deccan Plateau. Maharashtra is  2nd most populous (11.23 cr 2011 census) and 3rd largest state( 3,07,713 km sq) in India. Maharashtra has dimensions 15’8″ North to 22’1″ North and 72’6″ East to 80’9″ East. Maharashtra  East-West distance is 800 km and North-South is 720 km. … Read more

OMG! The Best [SOILS IN INDIA] Ever!

Soil in India.     laterite soil in India, different types of soil in India, types of soil in India Wikipedia Soil in India was classified by Voloekar in the year 1893 and George in the year 1898.   The classification was done on structure, texture, color, and P.H. They classified it into 6 types. The … Read more


Moderate and Extremist Period   Tags: moderate period, period of moderates, the period of moderates was, extremist period   Moderate Period (1885 – 1905)   The time period was 1885 – 1905. It starts with the formation of INC in 1885 with the help of British official Lord Dufferin.   1st president was W.C.Banerjee in Mumbai(Bombay). 2nd President was … Read more

The secret of 12 [Important Curves in Economics] Sensational

Important Curves in Economics. ???   Every subject has its own language of speaking and explaining. Therefore, Economics stands Full of Curve.    The word supply and demand explains the balance of payment. These two words supply and demand are basic roots of economics.   There are more reliable words related to economics and it’s … Read more