Power BI – SQL Interview Questions

The following are questions that are asked in Power BI – SQL Interview Questions:

Data Warehousing Concepts:

1)OLTP  vs  OLAP

2)Normalization & its types

3)Slowly Changing Dimensions

4)Types of Facts & Dimensions

5)Types of Keys

6)Types of Tables

7)What is ETL?

8)Types of Analysis

9)What is a Relational Database?

10) What is Data Warehousing & Data Lake


SQL Questions:

1. Difference between delete, drop and truncate

2. How to find the 3rd Highest Salary, Marks?

3. Difference between Union & Union all

4. What are temporary Tables?

5. Stored Procedure and Views

6. What are Indexing, it’s types and use of it?

7. Subsets in SQL

8. Ranking in SQL

9. Results of Left Join, Right Join and Cross Join

10. Constraints & Important 5 Constraints.


Power BI Questions:

1. What is Row Contaxt & Filter Contaxt?

2. Difference between Sum & SumX?

3. Difference between Append and Merged?

4. Difference between Duplicate & Reference?

5. Types of Filters.

6. Modelling Core Concepts

7. Time – Intelligence DAX Functions

8. What are BookMarks, use of it

9. Row-level Security

10. Difference between Calculate Column and Measure.

11.4 Roles in Power BI.

12. Workspace & App

13. Calculate, Summarize, Related, All(3) DAX Functions.

14. Schedule Refresh & Gateways

15. Data Profiling

16. Types of Schema

17. Connectivity Modes


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