As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay In English

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As you know, change is an essential process for every human being. Change is a vital process not only for human beings but also for the earth. Let’s describe this by giving you a live example.

In the past few years, we don’t have any kind of mobile, any type of communication network, any kind of vehicle, any variety of social media platforms etc. But if you compare these changes to this year, then you will notice that many changes occur between the past and the present.

So, Now you understand how essential changes are for us. Hey, my name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak. By profession, I am a professional content writer and a poetry writer since previous 14 years.

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As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay In English

As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay In English

Past, future and present both are connected to each other. And there are lots of examples have about this topic. As we already mentioned that change is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle. It is not only crucial for us but also crucial for the world.

A journey was ended, and a new journey was started. This is a line which is filled up with many more essential concepts. Well, if we discuss this line in simple language, then its meaning is when your one Journey ends, then the second opportunity is automatically started.

If I am giving a live example of this line, then suppose you just cleared your 12th examination; after completing your school life, you will go for higher study. So, in this example, what do you understand?

It is clear that when your school life is completed, a new journey that is known as your college life is started.

If I am giving another example, then after completing your college graduation, in the next step, you find out the job. So again, in this case, after finishing your college study which is your past Journey and finding a job is your new Journey. It is proved that when your old Journey is finished, then the new Journey is automatically started, and it is the rule of GodGodGodGodGod.

As you know, starting a journey is always so exciting. But the ending of a journey is always painful, emotional, and difficult for anyone. Because it is directly connected with our emotions, but it’s the rule of GodGodGodGodGod. When a journey ended, the new Journey was started. But the ending of a journey gives us many valuable things, and the best example of this is experience.

Experience is the most essential and powerful weapon which helps us at any moment. In the previous Journey, we learn many things, and in the upcoming Journey, we implement these things which we learn from our last Journey.

Because previous journeys’ main intention is to be giving us the skills, experience and essential knowledge which will help us to implement them in our upcoming Journey, for this reason, many successful peoples are told that the ending of a journey is not the ending of our life; it is the first step for us to hit the goal.  

As we already mentioned, the beginning journey is always joyful, and the ending of a journey is always painful. Firstly, we face many problems regarding this, but when we accept it, we will love the Journey. The Journey is always filled up with many issues. If you have the power to fight against them, then you will hit the goal. The key to gaining this power is consistency.  

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Every small and more significant Journey contains lots of experiences and lots of lesions which significantly help us in future. One Journey ends another begins. This line motivates us to do something new. Every Journey has its own unique skill, which is filled up with lots of mysteries. These mysteries help us to gain new knowledge.

On the other hand, a journey is contained with lots of challenges and opportunities. Success and failure both two processes are both connected to each other, and these are the most essential factors in our life. Without failure, success is valued less, and without success, failure means less.

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It does not matter how the Journey was, small or large. The Journey always teaches us to fight against the future. We are still determining what will happen in future. Past memories teach us to fight against future plans so that we will survive.

On the other hand, the ending of a journey is always painful, and the Journey is a long-term process. The Journey doesn’t have any kind of stoppage. When you cross one by the Journey, you see many journeys are already waiting for you, and these journeys are filled with lots of lesions, lots of challenges, lots of knowledge and many more.

It contains lots of patience. If you have enough patience, then the Journey is nothing for you. We face up and down in our everyday life. The previous Journey is not easy to forget because this Journey was filled up with our emotions, our struggles, and our time. But it is the rule of God. If you want to archive upcoming journeys, then it is essential to forget your past Journey.

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You noticed that sometimes we aren’t able to archive the goal. Most people think that success is a complex process. Yes, I know success is a very hard process, but it is not that hard when you think about it. Always remember that the primary key to archive success is patience. If you have enough patience, then success is easy for you.

Do you know what is the advantages of starting a new journey? Well, starting a new journey helps us to develop our communication skills, our body language, our personality and many more. Also, it will help to boost our mind power. A new journey is always exciting and joyful.

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Changes- Is It A Important Process?

As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay In English

A single answer is yes. Changes are the most essential process for all.

There are lots of examples are have to prove the changing process. Changes are not essential to process for human beings, but also they will be very important for the world.

Suppose we give you a live example of changes. In previous years, we didn’t have any kind of advanced technology or any kind of smartphone. So we aren’t able to communicate with each other, but now you can see we have advanced technology and advanced smartphones.

Smartphones help us to communicate with each other. Now, you think about how important is changing process? is

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What is the true meaning of Journey?

Answer- If we say what is the meaning of a journey in simple language, then we can say the Journey is the destination of our life. A new journey is always filled up with joy and happiness, and an ending of a journey is always painful. But the ending of a journey is always teaching us lessons.

How can you start your Journey?

Answer- A new journey is automatically started when you end a new journey. This means when you finish your Journey, a new journey is waiting for you. When it ends, the Journey will be started.

Changes- Is it essential in your Journey?

Answer- A single answer is yes. Changes are directly connected with both your new and old Journey. Change is the most powerful weapon for both human beings and the whole world. There are lots of examples available to prove how much important is changing process.

What is the first step of the startup journey?

Answer- The first step of starting up a journey is to find your goal and solve the problem. If you have enough patience and power to fight against the situation, then you are the perfect person to archive the goal.

How can you make your Journey more fun?

Answer- There are lots of ways available to make your journey more fun. But the main process to making your journey fun is to love your work, add colours, and enjoy every moment. These three tricks are best for enjoying your Journey.

What are the main steps to starting up a new journey?

Answer- Basically, there are five main steps which you can follow if you want to start up your new Journey. They are-
Your Idea
Your Maturity
Your Growth
Your Patience
Your launch

What does the end of the Journey mean?

Answer- The end of a journey means the stoppage of your Journey. Ending a journey is always painful for us because that Journey contains our emotions, our hard work, our time and many more. It is very hard to forget this.

Does the Journey have an ending?

Answer- Well, its simplest answer is both yes and no. Some journey has their ending point, and some journeys don’t have any kind of ending journey. It totally depends on you whether your Journey has an ending point or not.

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