Digital Collaboration In Classroom Essay (2023)

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Digital Collaboration In Classroom Essay

Digital Collaboration In Classroom Essay

Nowadays, digital collaboration is becoming more popular day by day. And nowadays, digital collaboration plays a very important role in our education system. After passing covid- 19 which is also very famous for Corona daisies, all schools and colleges followed digital collaboration to take their class.

Digital collaboration is one of the best examples of digital India. Here students take their classes using the Internet, smartphones and using their laptops. So that all of the students are becoming smart as compared to previous days.

Before we start our essay guide, first of all, let’s discuss exactly what digital collaboration is. Well, if we answered this question simply, then we can say digital collaboration is a type of technology which is connected students with teachers using some internet tools, including google meet, google drive etc.

These tools help both teachers and students to connect to each other by sitting at their homes. On the other hand, you can say it is the modern style of our education system. There are lots of differences between previous education and nowadays education system.

Digital collaboration is fully dependent on the Internet and smartphone. If you can’t able access the Internet, then you aren’t able to attend the digital classes. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of digital collaboration.

There are lots of advantages have digital collaboration and disadvantages too. The most important advantage of digital collaboration is it will improve your communication skill, and it will enhance your talking style.

Now, here again, the main question is whether digital collaboration is important for the classroom.

Well, it’s simple, and the finest answer is a big Yes. Nowadays, digital collaboration is one of the most essential works for the classroom. Because using digital collaboration, students are able to understand the chapter better as compared to previous classes. Because using digital collaboration, teachers teach the students graphically and using video tutorials, which is very helpful for students to understand the chapter better.

Also digital collaboration also helps students to improve their personality and their skills. Digital collaboration is one of the best and safest teaching methods in pentametric situations. Because using digital collaboration technology, you will attend all of the classes online by sitting at your home using your internet connection and your smartphone.

Nowadays, our education minister is taking lots of steps to accept digital collaboration classes. Because using this technology, students understand the chapter better. It will help them to get more marks in their board examinations.

Digital collaboration was first started at the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 when Corona was started in India. When Corona was started, lockdown was started. In lockdown there are all offices and schools are closed due to corona daisies, which is a very dangerous virus.

These are some information about digital collaboration in class. Now let’s discuss the benefits of digital collaboration in the classroom.

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Benefits of digital collaboration in classroom

Benefits of digital collaboration

It will improve your communication skill.

Digital collaboration is one of the best ways to increase students’ communication skills. Because in digital classes, there are no students available in the classroom. You are just taking your classes using your smartphone. For this reason, students are more confident to ask their doubts openly. Also, students feel free to ask their problem to the teacher. It will help students to increase their speaking skills.

Better Understanding

Digital classes are contained with modern technology and internet connection. Teachers are teaching their students by using infographic content, video clips, image clips, GIF shorts, and many more to help students to understand the chapter better because you will teach your students in different ways.

Provide an enjoyable study environment. 

Digital collaboration classes help both students and teachers to create an enjoyable and happy study environment. Because digital collaboration, including smart technology, videos, images, gifs, and many more, makes the chapter easier for students.

What Are Digital Collaboration Tools

There are lots of tools used to create digital collaboration in classrooms. Below we discuss with you some of the best tools which are mostly used in this case.

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Go To Meeting 

Go to meetings is one of the best tools, which is mostly schools and offices that are used to make a digital collaboration environment. It is available in both free and paid versions online.

Google Meet 

Google Meet is one of the most popular applications, which is mostly used in many organizations. Because Google Meet is manufactured by Google, for this reason, most people use this app too much.

Flip Grid 

It is a type of group video-calling app where you can connect with many peoples at a time. Here you will share all of your images and video for free of cost. It is also available with both paid and free versions.

Video ANT 

It is also a very popular application. Nowadays, most teachers have used this app to teach their students. Using video and both teacher and students are able to leave their doubts in the comment section. It will help both teacher and students to engage both of them.


Nowadays, YouTube is becoming more popular than any other application. YouTube is manufactured by the Google team, which is the world’s largest search engine. Using YouTube, you will make a video and upload it to your channel, which is very helpful for your students.

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How Is Digital Collaboration Different

Digital collaboration classes and normal classes are totally different from each other, but they have a 10% similarity.

Normal classes contain past teaching styles, which is not that much enough for students to understand the chapter better. On the other hand, digital collaboration classes are much more effective as compared to the previous pattern teaching styles because digital collaboration classes include images, video clips, GIFs etc.

It will help students to understand the chapter better, and it will also help them to gain more marks in their examinations. But the biggest disadvantage of digital collaboration classes is they require an internet connection or a laptop or mobile.

You need an internet connection to be able to attend the classes. Also for this, you just need a laptop or a mobile where you will attend the classes.

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Is it helpful for students to attend a digital collaboration class?

Answer- A single answer is yes. It is helpful for students. It will also help them to understand the chapter bitterly because digital collaboration contains images, videos, graphics and many more.

Digital collaboration classes vs normal classes, which is better for students?

Answer- If I answered this question simply, then both teaching styles are good in their situation. Both teaching styles have their own advantages and disadvantages too. But digital collaboration classes are better than normal classes.

Digital collaboration classes are helpful to archive more marks.

Answer- Yes. It is very helpful for students to archive more marks in their board examinations because it contains lots of infographic materials which is helpful for students.

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