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As you know, Assam is the most beautiful state in India, which contains a beautiful jungle, and it will give you natural environmental feelings. Also, Assam is very famous for tea plantations. There are lots of visitors visiting Assam to enjoy nature’s beauty. 

Not only Indian peoples visit Assam but also foreign countries people visit Assam to enjoy its beauty. Basically, Flood occurs when a large amount of water overflows. This process is called the flooding process. 

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Flood In Assam Essay

Flood In Assam Essay

What is a flood? Well, its simple and easiest answer is when water overflows, then it is called a flood. And it is mostly caused due to a heavy amount of rain and mountain areas like Assam. It is a natural process. 

Flood is a very common issue in Assam state because here you will see lots of hills and mountains. Because of the hills and mountains here, tea plantation is very famous because tea plants are specially grown in mountains and hill areas. 

On the other hand, Assam is also a beautiful state in India which contains lots of hills, mountains, and nature’s beauty which easily grabs anyone’s attention. For this reason, there are lots of visitors who visit this place to enjoy its beauty, including foreign visitors. It is one of the best places for vloggers and content creators.

The monsoon problem started between May and June. In these months, rainfalls continue. It continues for two to three months. In these three months, there are lots of changes happening in Assam state. 

In these months, rain continues because it is called the rainy season in India. Rain season comes after the passing summer season. In the rainy season, Assam’s most famous river, the Brahmaputra River, was fully filled with a heavy amount of water, and as a result, it started to overflow into the Assam state. 

To prevent the flood problem, Assam Government is taking lots of actions, and the main example of it is embankments. The government made embankments along the banks to protect some cities or some areas from flood problems. 

Because during flood problems there are lots of people leave their homes because their houses are fully filled up with water. It isn’t easy to survive because the flood problem is different for all people. 

Now the main question is why the flood problem is caused in Assam. 

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Why Does The Flood Problem Was Occurs In Assam?

Well, there are lots of reasons have to occur flood problems. But the main problem is its hills and heavy amount of rain. This problem is caused in most of the monsoon season. Because in the monsoon season, there are heavy amounts of raindrops fall in this state, and as a result, flood problems are caused. 

On the other hand, Assam is connected by lots of rivers, mountain hills, and rivulets. Also, Assam is connected to the Himalayas Mountain. For this season, when the summer season comes to the Himalayas, snow starts melting. As a result, water started to overflow, and a flood problem occurred. 

Also, one of the main problems causing flood issues is its mountain and its hills. When the rain starts falling, the rainwater doesn’t store in mountain hills and is directly stored in local areas. After passing some time, the amount of water increased, and as a result, the flood problem occurred. 

These are the main and essential problems which are causing flood problems in Assam. 

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Disadvantages Of Flood Problem In Assam 

There are lots of disadvantages that occur during the flood issue. Below we discuss some of the most dangerous problems which occur during the flood problem. 

It destroyed the Road.

It is one of the most dangerous problems which occurs during a flood problem issue. When flood issues occur, heavy amounts of water are stored on the main Road. As a result, people need help with problems while they go to their office work or go somewhere. 

Also, their economy decreased because of this problem. Because due to this problem, business vehicles are don’t able to cross the Road because of the heavy amount of water. 

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Cops Were Destroyed 

It is also a very dangerous problem. When heavy amounts of water are stored in rice trees, they result in trees being fully damaged, and as a result, their crops are fully destroyed. It is also one of the most dangerous problems, which is decreased economy. 

It destroyed many houses.

When large amounts of water overflow into the city, as a result, some houses are totally filled up with water. For this reason, people leave their houses until the water is dry. 

This problem is special, especially affecting poor people. Because they are don’t able to survive in this situation. It is one of the most dangerous problems in Assam. 

It affects people’s lifestyle. 

In 2024 there are approx. 3.66 crore peoples stay in Assam. And flood problem destroyed their daily lifestyle. Because flood problems direct affect the cops and their houses, money problems occur. And money was direct connected with their lifestyle. 

Because of this problem, the government was helping people to survive this problem. Government and voluntary members are made lots of teams to help people to survive this problem. 

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How to prevent the Flood problem in Assam

There are lots of ways available to prevent the flood problem in Assam state. But always keep in mind that you can’t prevent it 100% because it is a natural process.

To prevent it, the government office must take action against the Brahmaputra River being damaged scientifically.

The second solution is to improve the natural outlets to prevent the flood problem.

The government takes action to decrease the quantity of water which is blocked the Road.

Dams are just created to block water.

So these are some essential steps which are helping to prevent the flood problem issue in Assam state.

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Flood In Assam Essay (100 Words) 

Flood In Assam Essay

Flood is a most dangerous problem in Assam state. Assam is the most popular and beautiful state in India, which is very famous for its beauty and tea tree plantation. There are lots of beautiful spots available in this state. Of its beauty, there are lots of visitors visiting Assam regularly. It is not only famous in only India country, but also it is very famous in foreign countries. 

As you know, a flood problem is caused when a larger amount of water overflows in the city, and as a result, it will cause any kind of damage. If we talk about its damages, it will direct impact their economy. Because during the flood problem, their cops and food are totally destroyed. Also, their Road will be fully blocked because of the heavy amount of water. As a result, vehicles are don’t able to cross the Road. It is the main reason which is decreasing Assam’s economy. 

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What is very famous in Assam state in India?

Answer- There are lots of famous things and famous places available in Assam. But the most famous thing is the Tocklai tea research center. As you know, Assam state is the most popular for tea manufacturing. Also, it is filled up with many hills, mountains, rivers and many more. 

What is some basic information about Assam state?

Answer- Well, Assam is the most popular state in India country. Assam state is distributed over 78,438 kilometres in India. Its state is boarded by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh which is placed in North Nagaland. Assam is very famous for its beauty and its hills and rivers. Also, one of the most popular things is tea. 

Who is responsible for the Assam flood problem?

Answer- There are many things that are responsible for the flood problem in Assam. But the main problem causing flood problems is mountain hills and rivers. One of the most famous rivers of Assam is Brahmaputra. Also, the Himalayas mountain is another problem which is causing the flood problem in Assam. 

What are the main disadvantages of the flood problem in Assam?

Answer- The flood problem is the most dangerous problem in Assam state. There are lots of disadvantages, but the most dangerous disadvantages are-
Roads are fully blocked due to heavy amounts of water, so vehicles are don’t able to cross the Road.
Cops were fully destroyed due to a heavy amount of water stored in their roots. 
Electricity was blocked due to a heavy rain problem. 
Many peoples leave their houses because their houses are filled up with water.

When was the flood problem started in Assam?

Answer- Well, it has a long history. When the independence period started, the flood problem started. This means the flood problem started first in the 1954 year. At that time, our technology was less advanced than now. 

What is the role of government in floods?

Answer- Assam government is trying their best to help people who are suffering from flood problems. Assam government make a team which is helping people to protect from this problem. They also take many necessary actions to solve this problem. But it’s a common and natural process, so the govt can’t prevent it 100%.


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