First to last Indian National Congress Sessions since 1885 Victory

Indian National Congress Sessions Introduction- The Indian national congress was established in the late 80s in Mumbai, 28th November 1885. The only strongest political parties before the independence. The Retired British Officer A.O Hume played a huge part in bringing Indians from the various regions together to form such a party. The formation of the … Read more

Biography of Fearless Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale 17th Century King

Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale:   Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale was born in 1623 in Verul Shrigonda. He was the elder son of Jijabai and Shahaji Maharaj. He was the big brother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Actually, Shahaji and Jijabai had 8 children but 6 died on the spot.    His birth was tragic as his father was … Read more

Bravery Female Freedom Fighters of India – 1947

Female Freedom Fighters of India

Female Freedom fighters of India   Introduction: India got its freedom from British Empire on 15 August 1947. The history of the Indian struggle would be incomplete without mentioning the contributions of women. So today we will discuss a list of female freedom fighters of India.♥ Many of us don’t know that there were hundreds … Read more

Biography of Fearless Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb – 27 Jan

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Anand Dighe Dharmaveer Movie Trailer, to watch CLICK  HERE. The movie is based on Anand Dighe Saheb Life. The movie will be released on 13th May 2022 across the whole of Maharashtra. Anand Dighe was also known as ‘Guruvarya Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb’. He was born on 27 January 1951 at Tembhi Naka in Thane. … Read more

Why [National Movement in India] Started? PDF download

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National Movement in India   Introduction In India, the Nationalist movement was the early popular movement in search of India’s independence from Great Britain.    Although acts like Salt March in 1930 took pressure on the colonial administration and won concessions, it was limited in the realm and decreased from full independence demanded.   The … Read more